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Engineering Junior and Senior Design

Standards Aggregator Databases

This section provides links to databases that are tools for searching standards from a variety of organizations. Select information, such as a summary of a standard and document history, can be viewed freely. However, individuals typically must purchase full-text access to standards from these databases. The aggregators often sell access to a premium search interface with more capabilities than their freely accessible tools.

"ANSI facilitates the development of American National Standards (ANS) by accrediting the procedures of standards developing organizations (SDOs)."

"ANSI is the only accreditor of organizations developing American National Standards. The Standards Council of Canada, in addition to promoting generally the use of voluntary standards, accredits standards developing organizations and approves Canadian standards as National Standards of Canada, while the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredits standards developing organizations internationally. Some of the requirements that must be met in publishing standards are published by ANSI." 

Source: Jawad, M. H., &; Greulich, O. R. (2014). Primer on engineering standards. ASME Press, p19.