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Disabilities Information for Library Assistance

Finding Books

DELCAT Discovery is the catalog of the University of Delaware Library collection.  Use DELCAT Discovery to search for books, journals, magazines, media and newspapers in the Morris Library and its three branch libraries. 

DELCAT Discovery will search Libraries worldwide, for books, articles, DVDs and more. Search here to locate enhanced formats (closed captioned, large print, braille). A partial list of University of Delaware alternate format holdings also may be searched through a post search narrow by format option. First you choose University of Delaware Library as a limit and run your search. The search results may be limited to braille, ebook, and large print under the narrow by format if they appear as part of the results. 


Library Staff Assistance for Users with Disabilities

Students with disabilities and the students’ assistants are encouraged to make appointments with Library staff for orientation and tours of the Morris Library and the Assistive Technology Center. Users with disabilities requiring a basic introduction in the usage of specialized assistive technologies available in the Assistive Technology Center may schedule an appointment with a librarian. Instruction in advanced features of this technology may be arranged with a staff member at the Office of Disability Support Services in Alison Hall. Use of the braille workstation requires training with the understanding that priority use is reserved for ADA registered students with specific disabilities and ADA personnel.

Library staff can also advise users with disabilities on how the Library can accommodate their needs, including retrieval of materials and photocopying by Library staff. Contact the Research & Engagement Department at 302-831-2432 or email one of the librarians listed below to schedule an appointment with a librarian responsible for assisting users with the Assistive Technology Center: