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Disabilities Information for Library Assistance

Assistive Technology Center at the Morris Library

Assistive Technology Center

The Assistive Technology Center (Room 119), with specially equipped computers and other equipment, is located on the main floor of the Morris Library.  It features a mix of  computer stations and tables with soft seating. This room can be accessed by UD students swiping their UD ONEcard on the card reader located next to the door. To use the card reader, UD students must first register with the Office of Disability Support Services and request to have their UD ONEcard activated by Allison Crook, a staff member at the Office of Disability Support Services in Alison Hall.

Assistive Technology Center: Hardware and Software

The Assistive Technology Center is equipped with three computers (two Dell PCs and one iMac) and other assistive technology equipment and devices. The two Dell computers have Windows 10 with an accessibility package incorporating a magnifier, narrator, on-screen keyboard, high contrast, and other assistive modification selections. The iMac has OS 11.6 (Big Sur), VoiceOver and Zoom. Other assistive technologies available on the numbered workstations are:

  • Workstation #1:  Dell 21" flat screen monitor and external stereo speakers

Web Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome

Software: MS Office 2010 and Adobe Reader

Assistive Technology Software: NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) version 2019

  • Workstation #2: Dell 21" flat screen monitor attached to a fully adjustable and flexible mounting arm, large print keyboard with yellow and black lettered keys, and external stereo speakers

Web Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome

Software: MS Office 2010 and Adobe Reader

Assistive Technology Software: JAWS Professional 2020, FS Reader version 3.0, and Dragon Professional version 14.0

  • Workstation #3: iMac 27" flat screen computer  

Web Browsers: Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome

Software: MS Office 2010 and Adobe Reader

Assistive Technology Software: Universal Access with VoiceOver and Zoom, and Adobe Reader

Other equipment and devices available for use in the ATC:

  • Optelec ClearView for print magnification. Video tutorial of basic operation and connecting a PC.

  • HP LaserJet printer with double-sided printing available.

  • ViewPlus SpotDot embosser and computer were loaned to Office of Disabilities Support ServicesVideo tutorial: of the output tray, USB and power connections, ink and paper receptacles.

  • AlphaSmart 3000 (portable word processor from the year 2000) available upon request by contacting the library.  Video tutorial and demo.

  • Additional noise cancelling headphones for use in the Assistive Technology Center may be borrowed at the Student Multimedia Design Center desk in the lower level of the library.

Library Services for Users with Disabilities

Physical Access to the Morris Library

Users with disabilities have physical access to the Morris Library through the main entrance ramp and power-assisted doors.  All visitors to the Morris Library are required to have a UD ONEcard to enter the building.  All individuals coming to campus and entering any campus building are expected to complete the daily health screening and to be cleared prior to entering a building. The entrance security gates of the Morris Library are wheelchair-accessible.

The elevator located off of the Information Room and the elevator located behind the south atrium stairway are equipped with controls at wheelchair height. The Reference and Circulation Desk counters have been modified to a lower level for the convenience of library users in wheelchairs. Computers, bathrooms and water fountains are also available for wheelchair access. Red phones for emergency assistance are located at each main stairwell exit on each floor.

Parking at the Morris Library

Handicapped parking spaces are available in the parking lot of the Library's south side. The vehicle should have a UD parking permit or a Visitor Pass and have either a handicapped tag or license plate. If the handicapped spaces are full, parking is allowed in service vehicle spaces. If both designated spaces are full, metered spaces may be used.

Film and Video Collection

Users may view videos which are available with closed captioning on four video stations in the Film and Video Collection Department on the Lower Level of the Morris Library.

In instances in which users with disabilities wish to view videos in the Library and require vocal narration or discussion between a viewer and an accompanying assistant, requests to view a video must be given to the Film and Video Collection Department 24 hours in advance.  The advance notice will allow library personnel to arrange for a screening site that will not disturb other library users in the viewing carrels.

Photocopy and Scanning Services

Users with disabilities who have difficulty using self-service copiers may bring materials to the Student Multimedia Design Center desk on the lower level of the Morris Library. Materials will be photocopied and scanned by library staff.

Book Renewals

University of Delaware Library Users may view their library account information and renew library books online through the "My Library Account" link on the front library page. An authentication will be required with a UDEL Net ID and password. The account has a renew option.   Materials borrowed from the University of Delaware Library may also be renewed by calling 831-2455.

Emergency Evacuation of Library Users with Disabilities

Library users who are not able to use the stairs to evacuate the building should move to one of the three interior stairways designated as an Area of Rescue. The stairway landings of the South Central, North Central and East Central interior stair towers on the Lower Level, Second and Third Floors are designated as Areas of Rescue. Each of these stairway landings has a fire protection rating of two hours. Each is marked by a gray sign with a wheel chair symbol to the right of the stairway door.  There is also an 11” by 17” sign on the stairway door with the following information. The patron should then tell Public Safety the number on the phone. The number will identify the location of the caller to Public Safety. These phones are located throughout the building near the elevators and stair towers. If needed, there is a red emergency phone located outside Room 119 of the Assistive Technology Center at the stairwell exit. 

Library Staff Assistance for Users with Disabilities

Students with disabilities and the students’ assistants are encouraged to make appointments with Library staff for orientation and tours of the Morris Library and the Assistive Technology Center. Users with disabilities requiring a basic introduction in the usage of specialized assistive technologies in the Assistive Technology Center should schedule an appointment with the Assistive Technology Center Librarian. Instruction in advanced features of this technology may be arranged with vendor training where warranted. Use of the braille workstation requires training with the understanding that priority use is reserved for ADA registered students with specific disabilities and ADA personnel.

Library staff can also advise users with disabilities on how the Library can accommodate their needs, including retrieval of materials and photocopying by Library staff. Call the Reference and Instructional Services Department at 831-2432 or email one of the librarians listed below to schedule an appointment with a librarian responsible for assisting users with the Assistive Technology Center: