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Fashion and Apparel Studies

Search eBooks in DELCAT Discovery

Search DELCAT Discovery

Search DELCAT Discovery to find library resources related to your research topic. Limit searches to books, journals and other items held by the University of Delaware Library or search the entire WorldCat database that encompasses millions of titles in libraries throughout the world.

UD items appear at or near the top of the results display. Material not held by the Library, labeled "WorldCat Libraries," can be requested via a link that automatically generates an interlibrary loan request form.

Search Tips

  • Place quotation marks around keyword phrases (e.g.,"techno fashion" or "journal of fashion marketing and management").
  • It is important to click either "View all formats and languages" or "View all editions" to obtain complete information about library holdings. Both links connect to the same page.
  • Boolean logic connectors (AND, OR) must be capitalized (e.g., "19th century" OR "nineteenth century").
  • Sample Subject Searches
    • "body image"
    • clothing africa
    • ​clothing AND "social aspects"
    • fashion history "20th century"

Call Number Areas in the Library

Browse these call number areas for books related to fashion and apparel studies.

  • GT on the third floor (for clothing history)
  • TT on the lower level (for fashion design and designers) and
  • TS on the lower level (for textile fabrics).

Online Dictionaries and Encyclopedias