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Finding books

DELCAT Discovery is your best bet to find which books (print and electronic) the library owns. Results will also include journals, articles, film, video and other materials belonging to UD's library as well as libraries worldwide. See the Using DELCAT Discovery guide for video tutorials and search tips.

You can also consult specialized eBook collections which often include other information as well (journals, conference proceedings). See suggested collections and descriptions below.

Search DELCAT Discovery

Browsing in the Stacks

You can go into the stacks and browse through the G section, but because the library's collection is so large, it is often more efficient to search for a title within the catalog first, and then look around that title for other books on the same topic.

The UD Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to arrange books and print journals on the shelves. This system uses letters and numbers to complete the Call Number. A call number is like an address: it tells us where the book is located in the library.

Books and journals on topics in geography are located largely in the G call number area on the third floor of Morris Library. However, since much of the study of geography is interdisciplinary, you will find various topics of interest to this department in several locations in the library. The following guide may help you browse in this area.

    G     Geography (General). Atlases. Maps
    GA   Mathematical geography. Cartography
    QB   Physical geography: including hydrology and natural disasters
    GC   Oceanography
    GE   Environmental Sciences
    GF   Human ecology. Anthropogeography

    QC851-999   Meteorology. Climatology, Including the earth's atmosphere

eBook Collections