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Medical & Molecular Sciences

Information for MEDT Faculty

Welcome MEDT Faculty

What Can the UD Library do for you?

The UD Library offers a number of services to our faculty. These include teaching and learning opportunities for classes, placing materials on reserve, selecting books and more. Faculty members are encouraged to develop an active partnership with the Library in order to meet the research needs of students.

Course Reserves

The library will place on reserve books, articles or other items owned by faculty or the library that faculty would like to have available to students.

Place on reserve any  materials that you anticipate may have high demand. Any one resource assigned to an entire class would be considered high demand.

For more information, please visit the Course Reserves page on the Library homepage.

Library Instruction


Let us help you get your students up to speed for their research assignments. We can show them the best resources for college level research and include hands-on training. Training for a specific assignment is especially effective. Not only are students more engaged, if they run into problems during class they may obtain immediate assistance, and that makes it easier for them when they are on their own.


The Film and Video Collection Department in the Morris Library is equipped with a 49-seat viewing room which may be scheduled for use by faculty and authorized teaching assistants in giving audiovisual presentations to regularly scheduled classes on a first-come basis.

Suggest Items for Purchase

In order to make informed decisions about purchases for the library collection, input from the faculty is needed. As faculty members you know what topics you are teaching and what resources will best assist your students in their research process.

The following website can be used to recommend a library purchase!

College libraries rely on faculty input for the collection. No one knows better than you what you are teaching and which books will help your students the most. Help us make our collection even better!

We welcome suggestions for our book collection anytime, but especially when a new program is starting or when new topics will be covered in existing classes. You can suggest specific books or just let us know if you need books on specific subjects. We can also look into acquiring new databases and journals at your request.