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Cartographic Resources, Maps, and Spatial Data

Geodata that can be used for applications such as land registration, hydrology, cadastral, planning or environmental observation.

UD Library Resources

The Digital Mapping Station in the Student Multimedia Design Center has 5 seats of ArcInfo, a complete desktop GIS running ArcGIS 9.2, a popular Geographic Information System (GIS) software by ESRI. The Digital Mapping Station has this software plus preloaded ESRI data to use with the application. Use of the Digital Mapping Station is restricted to those using GIS software or doing Digital Mapping work. A color printer is available for those who wish to print out maps created on the Digital Mapping Station.

UD Resources

The University of Delaware has licenses for ArcInfo and a variety of data sets. Visit GIS Training for workshops offered and other learning opportunities.

Spatial Data for Delaware

Spatial data supports many areas of research. State-based data sets allow researchers to show the effects of variables in areas of intereest.  Delaware data may also be identified using resources listed for other Mid-Atlantic States or the United States.

Spatial Data for Other Mid-Atlantic States

Spatial Data for the United States & Beyond