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Citation Management Tools


EasyBib is a tool that allows users to create citations and organized notes.  There is a free version and a fee-based version known as EasyBib Pro.  EasyBib Pro allows users access to a greater number of citation styles and includes no advertisements.

Notable Feature:
EasyBib Notebook allows users to group and color-code notes and create outlines based on research

Visit the EasyBib Support Center for assistance with EasyBib.

Citation Finder

Have a long list of references in a document that you would like to import to a citation management tool? Give citation-finder a try!

Convert free text citations to structured data: 
Created by hubgit (Alf Eaton)   

The basic steps are:

1. Enter citations
You enter your list with each citation on a new line
2. Choose a citation format
RIS (EndNote, etc) or BibTeX
3. Search for matches
4. Review the matched citations
Check each result below, select the correct match for each item, then press "Download All" at the end of the page.
You can edit the citation text and search again, if a good match wasn't found.
If no correct match can be found, leave the item with no matches selected.
5. Download

Be sure to check the matches carefully and edit as needed!