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Human Development and Family Sciences

Where are the HDFS Books Located?

Books in the Library are grouped together by subject.  Because the study of Human Development and Family Sciences touches several subject areas, the books are located in different places in the library.

H - SOCIAL SCIENCES (3rd floor)

  • Subclass HQ

    • HQ1-2044   The Family.  Marriage.  Sex Roles, Women, Parents, Children, Youth, Adulthood, Gerontology, Death & Dying, Life styles, Coping skills...  

  • Subclass HV

    • HV1-9960    Social and public welfare. Criminology, Social service, Social work.


  • Subclass BF

    • BF1-990    Psychology. Sexual behavior, Personality, Developmental psychology

L - EDUCATION (3rd floor)

  • Subclass LB

    • LB5-3640    Theory and practice of education. Educational psychology, Child study, Early childhood education, Elementary or public school education, Secondary education, High schools, Higher Education

  • Subclass LC

    • LC1390-5160.3        Education of special classes of persons. Exceptional children and youth, Special education, Learning disabled

R - MEDICINE (lower level)

  • Subclass RC

    • RC435-571      Psychiatry

  • Subclass RJ

    • RJ1-570    Pediatrics