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Film & Video Collection resources pertaining to job searching.

Resources for Job Hunting

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The Film & Video Collection can help you with your career goals!  Explore videos about interviewing, the job search, resume writing, and other relevant topics in the boxes below.  To learn about more resources (DVD and eVideos) available to you in these areas, check the subject searches in the bottom box.  If you have questions about these resources, feel free to Ask Film & Video.

Additional Film & Video Resources on Job Searching

The resources featured on this page concern job search skills.  The Library's Film & Video Collection provides access to many other video resources available on other related topics to University of Delaware Library users.  These resources can be found using DELCAT Discovery.  The following searches (with results limited to Film & Video materials) will provide information on additional resources for the job search:

Subject:  Employment Interviewing

Subject:  Job Hunting

Subject:  Resumes


Exceptional Interviewing Tips (2003)

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Guides viewers through the job interview process with advice from business professionals. Divided into three sections, the video provides information on what to do before, during, and after the interview.

Available on DVD

In Your Ear: The Job Interview (2009)

DVD cover "Nightline" Peggy Klaus and her client discuss the importance of eye contact, confident body language, confident tone, and good grammar and vocabulary. During the interview, Peggy feeds instructions via a remote transmitter to the applicant, who wears a tiny earphone receiver. Peggy’s strategy focuses on forcing the potential employee to proactively “drive the interview.”

Available on DVD

Keys to Getting Hired (2015)

cover art for "Keys to Getting Hired"Job seekers who are proactive in the job search land better jobs in less time. In this series, career coaches and former job seekers will examine the most effective ways to uncover job leads, connect with employers, and demonstrate hireability. 

Job search Steps that Get Results (pt. 1):  Available as eVideo

Resumes and Cover Letters that Work (pt. 2):  Available as eVideo

Ace the Interview and Get the Job (pt. 3):  Available as eVideo

Making an Impact : The Graduate Job Interview (2007)

DVD case& DVD for "Making an Impact"

Shows real students and graduates being interviewed by actual recruiters. See extracts from each interview and hear the selectors give their verdicts and the candidates reflect on their own performance.

Available on DVD

Resumes : A How-to Guide (2008)

picture of a typed resumeStudents learn how to write functional, chronological, combination, and newsletter-style resumes using information on their skills and experience using: Personal Inventory (to capture the “what”) and Showing Your COLORS (to uncover the “how”). Ways to get a resume in front of a decision maker’s eyes are also addressed, and  commentary by a career counselor and an HR professional are interspersed throughout.

Available on DVD