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Film Finders: Exploring Special Topics

A History of Gaming in Film & Video (Fall / Winter 2017/18 Display)

Graphic for Celebrating 50 Years of Video Gaming

Explore the Library's Video Game Collection, which you can check out or play on site in the Film & Video Collection on the Lower Level of Morris Library.

The UD Library has a nearly ten-year history of supporting video game-related research and instruction.  The Multimedia Collections and Services Department provides access to console-based and Virtual Reality games, encouraging student use and exploration of this vibrant field.  Whether you consider video gaming an art form or a recreational activity, there is much to learn by exploring how these games have been played and designed through time, how various cultures are represented in popular games, and how new technologies impact future possibilities.  Across campus, student organizations and Departments as varied as Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Art and Design, Computer & Information Sciences, English, and Sociology engage with the powerful, globally-reaching phenomena of video gaming.


  Photo of two students playing a game in a Film & Video Collection carrel.                       Photo of a student playing a game in a Film & Video Collection carrel.  Photo of the Film & Video Collection carrel area, where several users are playing console-based games.

Feature Films based on video games

SMDC Gaming Resources

Visit Studio 1 in the Student Multimedia Design Center to use the Library's HTC Vive-based Virtual Reality system.  Software available in the Studio can be found here.Photo of student wearing an HTC Vive headset, using the Virtual Reality studio in the Student Multimedia Design Center.

Gaming Documentaries