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Film Finders: Exploring Special Topics: kNOw MORE


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As a movement, the kNOw MORE campaign aims to:

  • Encourage students to take matters of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, seriously and become informed about what assault and harassment looks like;
  • Encourage reporting of sexual misconduct/raise awareness on how to report;
  • Raise awareness about the importance of consent in all sexual relationships;
  • Encourage students to be active bystanders and to watch out for the safety of their peers;
  • Foster a campus climate that is supportive of victims and survivors of sexual assault and other related sexual misconduct; and
  • Promote awareness of healthy sexuality and the prevention of sexual misconduct.


For more information about the University of Delaware's kNOw MORE Campaign, visit the kNOw MORE website All titles listed below are available for use by UD affiliates with a valid UD i.d. by visiting the Film & Video Collection, located on the Lower Level of Morris Library.

The Hunting Ground, 2015

An exposé of rape crimes on U.S. college campuses, their institutional cover-ups, and the devastating toll they  take on students and their families. Weaving together verité footage and first-person testimonies, the films follows survivors as they pursue their education while fighting for justice--despite harsh retaliation, harassment and pushback at every level. 

Available on DVD.

Available on Blu-ray.

Playing the Game, 1991

Presents a dramatization of the rape of a female college student at a fraternity party. Includes reactions to the incident from male and female students.

Available on DVD.

Sexual Assault Naming the Unnamed Conspirator, 2012

Career prosecutor Anne Munch examines how societal attitudes influence legal cases involving sexual assault. Drawing on her experience prosecuting sex crimes, Munch demonstrates how rape cases frequently turn on the involvement of what she calls an "unnamed conspirator" -- the complex of myths and stories we tell ourselves as a culture about sex, gender, power, and responsibility. Using examples from real cases, Munch shows how the assumptions that juries bring into the courtroom often stack the odds against victims, and challenges us to question how our own assumptions might reinforce victim-blaming.

Available on DVD.

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Defining Sexual Assault, 2016

Sexual assault happens all too frequently, many times to those who are young, unsuspecting, unprepared and or under the influence. This video serves to educate in a three part presentation. What is Sexual Assault? What is Consent?, After an Assault and Risk Reduction and Bystander Intervention.

It explains in easy to understand language what has happened, what to do if it does happen and how to prevent it from happening. Three women who have experienced an assault take the viewer through the process and the emotions tied to each stage. 

Available on DVD.

You are the One: A Journey of Recovery, Discovery & Empowerment, 2012

Explores sexual assault awareness and sexual empowerment on college campuses through the work of two activists and the strong connections they’ve made during their travels throughout the United States. While in college, Kelly Addington and Becca Tieder endured a personal experience with sexual assault that forever changed their lives and sent them on an extraordinary journey to help build communities with zero tolerance for sexual violence. Filmmaker Barbara Rosenthal turns the camera on Kelly and Becca’s personal story—now a public mission to help viewers see their own potential to create social change and address the epidemic of sexual violence

Available on DVD.

Breaking Silence, 2016

DVD cover art for Breaking SilenceThree Muslim women share their stories of sexual assault and challenge the stigma that has long suppressed the voice of survivors. Throughout America, many Muslim communities persist in stigmatizing all discussion of sex-related subjects. Even though sexual assault and abuse are widespread, conversations about it are rare--and the pressure for victims and their families to "keep it a secret" helps perpetuate abuse. The film challenges stereotypes and cultural beliefs held by both Muslims and the non-Muslim public.

Available on DVD.

Asking For It The Ethics & Erotics of Sexual Consent, 2010

The line between sexual consent and sexual coercion is not always as clear as it seems--and this is exactly why we should approach our sexual interactions with great care. In this lecture, professor Harry Brod offers a unique take on the problem of sexual assault, one that complicates the issue even as it clarifies the bottom-line principle that consent must always be explicitly granted, never simply assumed. This lecture ranges from the meanings of "yes" and "no" to the indeterminacy of silence to the way alcohol affects our ethical responsibilities. Brod proposes a model of sexual interaction that is most erotic precisely when it is most thoughtful and empathetic. 

Available on DVD

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Additional Film & Video Resources on Sexual Assault

The resources featured on this page concern sexual assault on college campuses.  The Library's Film & Video Collection provides access to many other video resources available on other topics related to sexual assault which are available to University of Delaware Library users.  These resources can be found using DELCAT Discovery.  The following searches (with results limited to Film & Video materials) may help to serve as a starting point for those exploring topics related to sexual assault:


The Line, 2010

Explores the terrible personal reality of rape and sexual violence, and the more complicated and ambivalent ways sexual assault often gets framed and understood in the wider culture.  Completed after being presented in classrooms on dozens of college campuses, The Line is structured to invite and reward students' trust, making them comfortable enough to discuss sex, consent, legal rights, and the politics surrounding gender violence while examining issues too often deemed embarrassing, shameful, or taboo.

Available on DVD.

Available streaming

No!: Confronting Sexual Assault in Our Community, 2006

Explores the impact of sexual violence on Black women and girls. As the incidents of violence and sexual assault continue on campuses and in communities across the country, this film can be used to support both women and men, regardless of race, as they learn to navigate the challenging terrain of sexuality without violence. 

Available on DVD.

The Case of Beckett Brennan, 2011

The government sent out guidelines on how college judicial review boards should handle incidents of campus sex assault. Beckett Brennan says a university board bungled her case, spurring her to come forward to say she was sexually assaulted by three of the school's athletes. Katie Couric reports. A 60 Minutes segment.

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