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Honors 292 Social/Behavior Topics: Sex, Love, and Relationships

Find Sources

Select at least one subject or multidisciplinary database related to your topic. 

  • Perform a search using different combinations of keywords you identified when exploring your topic. 
  • Note SUBJECT TERMS listed in articles of interest. Consider adding those into your search.
  • Use the CITE tool on the source page to save citations of sources you want to explore further.
  • Download the PDF of the articles you want to read. 

Search in DELCAT for books and articles on your topic

  • Use the CITE button to save the citation for sources you want to explore further.
  • Use the SHARE button to save a link to the catalog record so you can get back to it quickly.

TIP: The easiest way to get back to articles you didn't download but have the citation for is to paste just the title into the DELCAT search box. You can then download the article or use the SHARE button to save a stable link to get back to it. 

Subject & Multidisciplinary Databases

The library subscribes to hundreds of databases. You can see all of them on this page. Browse by subject area for additional databases on your topic. 

If researchers from many different fields may write about your topic, it's a good idea to search in a multidisciplinary database.