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Media: Viewing Kanopy Films via iOS Devices


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Viewing streaming titles on Kanopy from your iOS device requires:

1) The installation of the Kanopy App from the App store.

2) Identifying the University of Delaware as your institution.

3) Creating an account with Kanopy (you can use Google or Facebook).

This guide will walk you through this process from your iOS device.


NOTE: When using the Canvas App be sure to open the DELCAT link in a browser other than the one built into the Canvas App. For this guide, the Safari browser that the iOS device came with preinstalled was used.


1) Open the DELCAT link in a browser. Scroll down to find and press the View Now button.


2) You will be prompted to log in with your UD netID, password, and 2FA (two-factor authentication) code.


3) The next screen will direct you to the free app to watch Kanopy titles on your iOS device.


4) Press Get The Free App.


5) The App Store page for the Kanopy App will open. Press GET to install the app.


6) Open the Kanopy app and press Get Started.


7) You will be asked to identify your institution -- either a library or a university. Select Find Your University


8) Enter UDEL in the search box. When University of Delaware appears, select it.


9) You will be asked to log in with your UD ID again.


10) After logging in you will be asked to create an account with Kanopy. You can choose to log in with Google or Facebook if you do not want to create a Kanopy account.


11) The Kanopy App on your device has now been set up. At this point you may search for a title via the app’s search feature. (You may be asked to enable Bluetooth because the Kanopy app can project titles to a Bluetooth display.)


12) If you do not use the search feature or your title does not appear, go back to the DELCAT page for the title and press the View Now button.


13) On the next screen, press the Watch Now button.


14) This time, look at the top of the page under the address bar for the message to Open In Kanopy App. Press the OPEN button (this button is labeled VIEW in Chrome).


15) The Kanopy App will launch and open the page for the title you wish to view. Press the Play button at the top of the page to begin playback.