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About This Page

This guide will help you find eVideos via DELCAT Discovery and link to them in Canvas. 

Finding eVideos in DELCAT Discovery

Step 1:

Navigate to in your browser.

Make sure the Search in: dropdown menu is set to Film, Games, Video. This will focus your search results to only these formats, and will exclude books, articles, and other non-media items. For this example, we will search for videos on climate change.
See several of the results below.  Look for the blue View now button. This indicates that the title is an eVideo available via a streaming service to which the Library subscribes or via a license that the Library has purchased.

Step 2:

If your search produced too many results, refine your search using the search facets to the left of item records:

Under the Format options, select the eVideo checkbox. This will narrow the results to only videos that are viewable via streaming.
When you find an eVideo you want to use in your course, look for the Link icon on the DELCAT Discovery record:


Step 3:

Clicking on the Link icon will open a window with the record's URL. This address can be used in Canvas, and will ensure that the student who uses this link will be prompted to authenticate with their UD netID and password for access:

Link to the DELCAT Discovery Record in Canvas

Adding the DELCAT Discovery Link in Canvas

The link to the DELCAT Discovery record can be placed anywhere a student will see it and click on it.  It can be:
  • Added to online documents like a course syllabus as a clickable link
  • Emailed to students
  • Posted to any page within Canvas as a hyperlink
We recommend that you guide your students to an eVideo's DELCAT Discovery record by creating a new page for the link (or links, if you are assigning multiple eVideos) in Canvas.
Bellow we will:
  1. Create a new page within the module the eVideo viewing assignment is placed
  2. Edit the new page created by:
    1. Inserting a hyperlink into the body of the text
    2. Adding any additional information you may want the students to have before viewing (e.g. questions, concepts, etc. to keep in mind as they watch the video)


Step 1:

Create a new page within the module associated with the eVideo viewing assignment:


Step 2:

After the page is created, click Edit to open up the page's text editor:


Step 3:

Click the LINK icon indicated below to insert a hyperlinked line of text:


Step 4:

In the Link To Website URL box, paste or type the URL from the DELCAT Discovery record:


Step 5:
If you like, you may change the link's text in the editor:


The link will open the DELCAT Discovery record where students will click on the View now button to launch eVideo playback: