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Getting Started with Library Research

Here are the main concepts you need to know in order to complete your research assignments successfully in English 110.

  • ASK!  If you are still frustrated after 20 minutes of searching, contact a librarian for help! 
  • SEARCH:  If you need to find articles, consult the library databases. Try our searching tips for success!
  • CONNECT:  There are many ways to access full-text articles online through the library. Use Get It! to connect to your desired article.
  • LOCATE:  Use DELCAT Discovery to search for books in the library, and locate them using the call numbers.
  • EVALUATE:  Don't forget to check your sources. Are they trustworthy, reliable and unbiased enough to use in academic research?

English 110 Library Tutorial

This research guide is meant to supplement the lessons that are taught in library instruction classes and in our online tutorial for English 110.  If you have been asked to complete the tutorial, please visit the English 110 Library Tutorial.

Ask the Library