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ENGL110 class page

Example Citations

Example Journal Article


Brooks, Gillian, et al. “Influencer Celebrification: How Social Media Influencers Acquire Celebrity Capital.” Journal of Advertising, vol. 50, no. 5, 2021, pp. 528–47,


Brooks, G., Drenten, J., & Piskorski, M. (2021). Influencer celebrification: How social media influencers acquire celebrity capital. Journal of Advertising, 50(5), 528–547. 


Example Book (One author)


Waksman, Steve. Live Music in America: A History from Jenny Lind to Beyonce. Oxford University Press, 2022. 


Waksman, S. (2022). Live music in America: A history from Jenny Lind to Beyonce. Oxford University Press. 


Example Book (Edited collection)

Note: These citations are for Chapter 11, Hip Hop's Place in Campus Inclusion and Social Justice, in the example book. 


Harrison, Anthony. "Hip Hop's Place in Campus Inclusion and Social Justice." For the Culture: Hip-Hop and the Fight for Social Justice, edited by Adolphus Belk and Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey, University of Michigan Press, 2022, pp. 194-206. 


Harrison, A. (2022). Hip hop's place in campus inclusion and social justice. In A. Belk & L. Bonnette-Bailey (Eds.), For the culture: Hip-hop and the fight for social justice. (pp. 194-206). University of Michigan Press.

Example Website (No named author)


"Child Welfare and Foster Care Statistics." The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 30 May 2023, Accessed 23 Jan. 2024. 


The Annie E. Casey Foundation. (2023, May 30). Child welfare and foster care statistics

Resources for MLA and APA Citation

Citations help your readers or viewers find the source material you used in your work. Citing sources builds your credibility as a writer or creator and places your work in the context of others who have discussed related topics. Use these resources to learn about citations in APA and MLA:

Citation Generators

DELCAT Citation Generator

When you find a book or another source in DELCAT, look for the citation button to generate a preliminary citation in MLA, APA, or other styles. Because these citations are computer-generated, you should always check them for accuracy.

Screenshot of DELCAT citation generator

Database Citation Generators

Similarly to DELCAT, databases usually include a citation generator. Below is an example from a common database platform. In other databases, look for a cite tool for similar functionality.