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Creating Your Video

A storyboard is a sequential series of images and captions that provides an outline of your film story, as seen through the camera lens. Storyboards visually map out and provide a synopsis of your film, providing direction for camera movements and shot types.

Before you start filming, it's important to think about how you will frame your shots, light your scenes, and capture crisp audio.

To learn more about production basics, visit our full video guide.

Computer software

Mobile Apps

Already have an app you like?

Just make sure it can do the following:

  • Import audio, video, images, music, etc
  • Cut and trim clips
  • Add audio (voiceover and music)
  • Add text
  • Export to MP4 file
  • Anything else that your assignment specifies

Video Editing Resources

When you're finished with your video, make sure to export it from the video editing software to an MP4 file. Then you can submit it to Canvas, post it on YouTube or email it.