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Creating Your Website

Select your website design platform:

  • Google Sites - Free with a Google account and integrated with all of Google’s products. Anything from your Google drive, YouTube, images from Google (which are under creative commons) and so much more. This is the easiest platform to use to make a website and best for students with little design or web development experience. The biggest complaint about Google Sites is every site looks the exact same.
  • Wordpress - UD has a partnership with Wordpress which allows anyone to make a free website. This is open source and very customizable which makes it great to build a professional site.

  • Weebly - An easy alternative to Google Sites. While not as easy, intuitive or “clean” as Google Sites, it does allow for more customization and functions than Google Sites. People can customize the layout and look of their website changing the core function yet still allows the modality of google sites. So if you want some variety in layouts, this is a great alternative to the beginner website designer.