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Finding Books/E-Books

Basic Search Tips

  • Place quotation marks around keyword phrases

"human society"
"social media"

  • Capitalize Boolean logic connectors (AND, OR).

"social media" OR technology
racism AND "United States of America"

  • Items at UD appear first in the list of search results. Click on "Expand My Results" for items held by other libraries which can be requested via interlibrary loan.

Advanced Search Tips

  • Use the advanced search option to limit your search terms to specific fields such as Title, Author, or Subject 

There are some e-book collections that can be found under the "Primary Sources" tab. In most cases, those books would be considered primary sources, which is why they reside there instead of on the secondary source page. 

Browsing the stacks in Morris Library can be extremely helpful when you are looking for additional sources for your research. Most books related to Anthropology can be found on the 3rd floor of Morris Library and fall under the following Library of Congress classifications

CC   Archaeology 

GF   Human ecology. Anthropogeography 

GN    Anthropology 

GN700-890   Prehistoric archaeology