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Biomedical Engineering

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The bioengineering literature will be found in different subject areas given its interdisciplinary nature: science (Q), medicine (R) and technology (T). By following the alpha-numeric system of the Library of Congress Classification scheme (see outline), books on similar subjects are kept together on the shelves. The following list can help guide you to different topics. Consult the library floor maps to find the location of the different sections (Q is on the second floor, R and T are on the lower level).

Selected classes and subclasses
Q300-342             Cybernetics

QA76.87               Neural computers: neural networks (in computing)

QH505                  Biophysics
QH507                  Information theory in biology
QH508                  Biological control systems
QH509                  Bioelectronics
QH509                  Biomechanics
QH513                   Fluid mechanics (in biology)
QH513.5                Bioethics
QH332                   Bioinformatics
QH324.2                Bioinformatics (genomics)

QP303                    Mechanics: Kinesiology
QP363.3                 Neural circuitry

R724-726.2            Medical ethics
R856-857               Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation
R858-859.7            Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics

RD130                    Prosthesis. Artificial organs
RD132                    Artificial implants and implant materials

RS199.5-RS201     Pharmaceutical technology; Drug delivery systems
RS210                    Drug delivery devices

TA164                     Bioengineering

TP248.13-248.65   Biotechnology