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U.S. Census: 2000 Census

Census 2000

Summary Files

Summary File 1

Tables from questions asked of everyone in the country. 100% / complete count data

Summary File 2

Tables from questions asked of everyone in the country. 100% / complete count data

Summary File 3

Tables from questions asked of a sample of 17% of the country. Sample data

Summary File 4

Tables from questions asked of a sample of 17% of the country. Sample data


Use QuickFacts to easily locate a population and economic profile for nation, states, counties, and places.

Tables bring together data from multiple sources, including American Community Survey, Census of Population and Housing, County Business Patterns, Economic Census, Building Permits, and more.

State & County QuickFacts show recent data first. To find 2000 data, select the option Browse data sets for... from the top right of the page.


There are 2 options for Census 2000 population, demographic, and housing information:

General Demographic Characteristics leads to a profile:

Profile of General Demographic Characteristics: 2000 (Summary File 1 (SF 1) 100-Percent Data)

Four profiles are available under 2000 Estimates. (Summary File 4 (SF 4) - Sample Data)

  • Demographic Characteristics
  • Social Characteristics
  • Economic Characteristics
  • Housing Characteristics

Using American Factfinder (Advanced Search)

Select Advanced Search from the AFF home page.

Select topics.

Under Dataset, select one of these recommended Census 2000 datasets:

  • 2000 SF1 100% Data
  • 2000 SF2 100% Data
  • 2000 SF3 Sample Data
  • 2000 SF4 Sample Data

Select the topics needed under the People or Housing sections.

Select the geography needed.


Note: the Advanced search can retrieve hundreds or thousands of tables. You may wish to examine the profile tables before searching Advanced. Examples


Demographic Profiles

SF = summary file

Decennial Census Reports

Census of Population and Housing


Links to PDFs of decennial census reports from 1790 - 2010.

Counts, Samples, and 2000 Questionnaire

  • Completed via self-enumeration. Two forms were used: the short form and the long form. The long form was sent to about 17% of households. Since the questions on the short form were included on the long form, the short form was sent to 100% of households.
  • Questionnaires
    Facsimiles and/or instructions for censuses from 1790 - 2010.
  • Subjects in 1990 and 2000
    Compares questions in 1990 and 2000 censuses. Includes: “Census in Which Subject Was First Asked,” which covers 1790 to 2000.
  • Short form questions (100% data):
2000 Complete Count Data (100%)
Population Housing
Name and household relationship Tenure (owned or rented)
Hispanic origin  
  • Additional Questions asked on Long Form:
2000 Sample Data (17%)
Population Housing
Marital status Units in structure
Grandparents as caregivers Rooms in unit
School enrollment Value of home
Educational attainment Rent paid
State or foreign country of birth Year structure built
Citizenship and year of immigration Year moved into residence
Language spoken at home Heating fuel
Ancestry Plumbing and kitchen facilities
Place of residence in 1995 Number of bedrooms
Veteran status Farm residence
Disability Telephone
Labor force status Vehicles available
Place of work Shelter costs
Journey to work  
Class of worker  
Work experience in 1999  
Income in 1999  

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