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Spanish Language and Literature

Finding Foreign Language Films

DELCAT Discovery is the best catalog to search if you are looking for feature films in a foreign language.  Search with the keywords 'feature films', and use the search limiters along the left-hand side of the screen under 'Refine Your Search' and 'Language'.  Select a language of interest, such as Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, etc.  These searches can be further limited by 'Year'.

Spanish Language Films - More Resources

Featured Resource

Kanopy streaming media vendor logo

Kanopy titles are licensed for 1- or 3-year increments, and occasionally in perpetuity.  To see when licenses are set to expire for eVideo content, you may search DELCAT Discovery for the title and scroll down to the 'Access Online' section of the record.  Click 'Access Online' and 'Notes & License Terms' to view the title's expiration date (reach out to the Film & Video Collection Librarian if your class requires an extension):

Screen clip of a DELCAT Discovery record with eVideo expiration date circled in red