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Film Finders: Award-Winning Films

Film Finders: Award-Winning Films

This guide highlights titles in the Film & Video Collection which have been selected by film organizations and critics for recognition and awards.

Finding Videos (DVD, Blu-ray, eVideos & legacy formats) at the Library

Located on the Lower Level of the Morris Library, the Film & Video Collection maintains a growing collection of over 25,000 titles in VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, gaming, and legacy formats, including feature films, documentaries, and educational videos as well as console-based video games.  The Library also provides access to over 70,000 eVideos via licensed streaming media collections.  Both physical and streamed videos can be found searching DELCAT.  Streaming media licensed by the Library can also be browsed via their publishers' databases as well; visit the Media Research Guide for more information.

Viewing carrels are located within the Film & Video Collection area for on-site viewing of physical media, however most materials can be checked out of the Library as well.  For more information about the Film & Video Collection, including information about borrowing policies and scheduling media items in advance for class use, please visit the Film & Video Collection website.

DVD resting on top of a VHS cassette