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U.S. Census


Use QuickFacts to easily locate a population and economic profile for nation, states, counties, and places.

Tables bring together data from multiple sources, including American Community Survey, Census of Population and Housing, County Business Patterns, Economic Census, Building Permits, and more.

Summary Files

Summary File 1

Summary File 1 tables provide the most detailed counts available so far from the 2010 Census, including cross-tabulations of age, sex, households, families, relationship to householder, housing units, detailed race and Hispanic or Latino origin groups, and group quarters. The statistics are available for a variety of geographic areas, with most tables available down to the block or census tract level.

Summary File 2

The Summary File 2 tables add a new layer of detail — making information, such as age, relationship and homeownership available for specific race and ethnic groups within a community.

2010 Questions

For the 2010 Census, 10 questions were asked of every person and housing unit in the United States. Information is available on:

  • Age
  • Hispanic or Latino origin
  • Household relationship
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Tenure (whether the home is owned or rented)
  • Vacancy characteristics