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Constitution Day 2016: WE, the People

Saturday, September 15

The Convention adjourned late Saturday, September 15. The delegates agree on the Constitution. The completed Constitution was ordered to be engrossed and 500 copies were ordered to be printed.

The Convention would meet again on Monday, September 17, for signing.

Monday, September 17

The Convention meets for signing. Last minute changes needed to be made.

After signing, final prints would be ordered from the Convention's printers, Dunlap and Claypoole.This would be the final printing under the order of secrecy that the Convention had been operating under since the beginning.

Tuesday, September 18

The copies from Dunlap and Claypoole's last official printing were distributed to the delegates who distributed them to many others. Secretary William Jackson delivered the engrossed copy and copies of the official imprint to the Congress (of the Articles of Confederation) in session in New York City.

The injunction on secrecy is lifted.

Wednesday, September 19

Wednesday morning was the first printing of the Constitution available to the public. It was published in Dunlap and Claypoole's newspaper the Pennsylvania Packet.

On Display: National Constitution Center