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Primary Sources

University Archives Collections

Campus View from North Green

Campus view of the North Green looking south from Main Street. The image features Harter Hall, Wolf Hall, Memorial Hall, and some temporary buildings, then used by the engineering departments. Circa 1925.

University Archives and Records Management serves as the central repository for the historical, administrative, and business records of the University of Delaware. The mission of this unit is to document the history of the University of Delaware, its predecessor institutions – including the Academy of Newark, Newark College, Delaware College, and the Women’s College of Delaware – its Board of Trustees, its constituent colleges, departments, and programs, its athletics programs, its administrative offices and units, and its students. It accomplishes this through managing, safeguarding, and preserving collections of historical records and objects pertaining to the history of the University, providing access to those collections for researchers, and disseminating knowledge about the history of the University. 

Collection strengths include records of the Office of the President, records of the Women’s College of Delaware, records of the Foreign Study Plan, records of the Cooperative Extension Service, a robust photography collection, and a significant collection of University publications. University Archives and Records Management is separate from the University Library and reports to the Office of the Vice President and University Secretary.

University Archives Photographs

Blue Hen Mascot, 1931

Photograph of the Blue Hen Mascot (chicken) standing in front of two male cheerleaders holding a sign that reads "Delaware." 1931. 

Aerial View of Laird Campus

Aerial photograph of Laird Campus during the construction of Pencader Residence Complex and Christiana Towers, looking northeast. The image features Pencader Residence Complex, Clayton Hall, and Christiana Towers. Circa 1972.

UD Football Team, 1903

Posed photograph of the University of Delaware Football team. Back row, left to right: H. G. Lawson, Jones, I.P. Bevan, P. Roberts (manager), A. W. Powell, E. Shallcross. Third row, left to right: E. W. Warrington, L. Green, Schabinger, W. Lawton. Second row, left to right: P. F. Pie, Wyatt, B. Ferguson (Captain), C. P. Messick, Garrick. First row, left to right: A. A. Hauber, H. A. Bell. Circa 1903.

Hartshorn Hall Construction

Photograph of Hartshorn Hall under construction. F.L. Hoover & Sons. Gymnasium - Women's College. Rumer Studio. July 15, 1930.

Moving from Memorial to Morris Library

Photograph of a conveyer-belt-type construction built to facilitate the move from Memorial Hall to Morris Library.  Photo by Richard Stewart. 1963

Crowd in front of Mitchell Hall

Photograph of the groundbreaking ceremony for Mitchell Hall.  Mrs. A.D. Warner (white scarf front row), Dean Dutton (behind Sharp and to right), Dr. Hullihen (behind Mrs. Warner), Dr. Crooks (first row, three from right), Carl Rees (first row, two from right).  Top left.  Set of two. Circa 1928.

Old College Area

Photograph of the Old College area: Men's Gym (no longer in existence), Recitation Hall, Agricultural Experimental Station (now Recitation Hall Annex), Wood Shop (no longer in existence), Old College Hall, green house (no longer in existence), President Raub's House (no longer in existence), looking South West.  View of Old College buildings from the North East, looking over the tract once used as an experimental farm and later landscaped as a portion of Frazer Field.  1895-1897.

Dining Hall of Perkins Student Center

Photograph of the interior, dining hall, of Perkins Student Center.  Circa 1960. 

Women's College sign for land

Photograph of a sign for land of Women's College.  "This tract of land 19 acres has been purchase for a site. Upon which will be erected the women's college affiliated with Delaware College the affiliated commission."  June 16, 1913.