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Standards & Styles

Routine Guide Maintenance

The Library has hundreds of guides covering a wide variety of classes and topics. Finding the right guide is more difficult when library users have to search through more guides than necessary, and broken links and outdated content are frustrating and misleading. Routine maintenance of your guides will help create the best resources for the UD community.

When you delete guides, pages, boxes, etc.

Each Semester

  • Unpublish class guides for any class not taught during a particular semester.
  • Check all content and links on published guides for accuracy.

Each Summer

  • Check guide and page-view statistics to ensure content is being used.
  • Remove guides intended for one-time uses or those that have very low usage statistics (over three or more semesters).

Backup (Optional)

The LibGuides system has proven very stable, and the asset repository provides a backup for many content items one might accidentally delete from a guide. However, if you're a belt-and-suspenders kind of person or want to archive an outdated guide before deleting it, you can create an HTML backup of your guide

  • Click on the gear-shaped Guide Information icon.
  • Choose "Create HTML Backup."
  • Right-click the link and save the file to the destination of your choice.