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Standards & Styles

Understanding Guide Status

The status of your guide affects who may see it and where it is listed:

  • Unpublished: When you first create a guide, its status is unpublished. Only other UD guide editors can see what you've done, and only when they are logged in to the LibGuides system. You're free to try different approaches and learn as you go without worrying that what you've done is out there for everyone to see.
  • Private: A guide in private status may be viewed by anyone with the URL (other librarians, faculty, etc.), but it is not listed on the research guides home page.
  • Published: A published guide will automatically be listed on the research guides home page linked from the Library web site.

If most of your guide is ready to be published, but you're still working on a page or subpage, you can keep the part under construction invisible by choosing "Do not show on public guide" under Page > Visibility.

Reviewing Your Guide

Take a Look

The public version of your guide will look different from the view you can see while editing in the LibGuides system. Click the Preview Guide icon (shaped like an eye) at the top of the guide editing page to open a preview in a new browser tab.

Check the List

Ask for Feedback (optional)

Although experienced guide editors may not need to solicit others' opinions each time they create a new guide, there are at least a few scenarios in which you are encouraged to ask for feedback:

  • when you are new to creating guides;
  • when you are tackling a new topic or making major changes to your guide layout;
  • when you have created a course guide at the request of a faculty member.

When your guide is ready to be viewed, simply change the status from Unpublished to Private and send the friendly URL to the person whose feedback you are requesting.

Publishing Your Guide

Once you have reviewed  your guide, simply change the status to Published and it will be listed on the research guides home page. Of course, you can continue to make changes to the guide after it is published, as needed.