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Standards & Styles

Logging in to Your LibGuides Account

  1. Go to the LibGuides login page. You may also log in using the "Login to LibApps" link at the bottom of any LibGuides page.

  2. Enter your UD e-mail address and your LibApps password. If you've forgotten your password, contact the LibGuides administrator to have it reset.

This will take you to the LibGuides dashboard, from which you can create, edit, and delete guides. First, you should create and edit your profile.

Setting Up Your Profile

Profile Box

Your profile box appears on your LibGuides as well as on your main profile page. It includes an image, contact information, a list of the subject areas you cover, and other information.

To create or edit your profile, click the Edit Profile Box pencil icon in the upper right corner of your profile box on the LibGuides dashboard. Enter or edit the following information.

Title & Image

Box Title:  Please use either Subject Guide or Subject Librarian.

Profile Image: Upload an inviting & clear image of yourself from your computer (maximum size: 100KB). When in doubt, select your university profile image (available for download from the Library Image Gallery > Staff Portraits page).

Contact Info

Address: Enter your job title and department in the Address field. Start a new line by hitting enter. Some HTML styling can be used in this field.

Email: Enter your UD email address.

Phone: Enter your office phone number.

Optional Information

You may link to a personal website or social media accounts, if you wish.

Profile Page Tab

Enable your profile page so that users can learn about you on the LibGuides site.

Personal Statement: This is a space for you to describe your work and how you would like to interact with faculty and students.

My Subject Specialties: This area will automatically display a list of subjects associated with your account. Contact the LibGuides administrator if subjects are missing or erroneously associated with your profile.