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Women and Gender Studies

Additional Sources on Women Worldwide

Start by consulting the general resources on the other pages of this guide.  Also consider the following sources:
Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures. 6 vols. Leiden; Boston, Mass.: Brill, 2003-2007.
A six-volume set on women and Islamic culture including topics such as: family, law, politics, sexuality, health, economics, education, mobility, and practices.
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide. Editor-in-chief, Lynn Walter. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 2003. 6 vols.
A set that presents current data on contemporary women's issues in more that 130 countries. There is one volume for each of the following areas: Asia and Oceania, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, North America and the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa. The individual chapters focus on a single country and present information on a wide variety of topics including: education, employment, family, health, law, politics, religion, sexuality, and violence. Each chapter includes suggested readings, web sites and organizations, and a selected bibliography.
Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. 16 vols. Waterford, CT: Yorkin Publications, 1999- .
A multivolume set that provides signed biographical essays on individual women, as well as collective entries on topics such as “Astronauts: Women in Space.” The encyclopedia also contains extensive genealogical charts outlining the positions of women in royal families.