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BUAD 478: Field Projects in Marketing

Analysis of the Operating Environment

Competitive Analysis  / Industry Analysis ---  (use company name or NAIC) 


Databases for Finding List of competitors  

1. ReferenceUSA

2. Nexis Uni (use Company Dossier–Create a list of competitors)  

3. Business Insights:Global- (Use Company and Industry Tabs e.g - look at Plunkett Industry Report)


Researching the Customers


1. Business Source Premier

2. Hospitality & Tourism Complete

3. ABI/Inform 

4. Business Insights: Global

5. Euromonitor Passport

6. Nexis Uni 

7. Communication & Mass Media Complete

8. ERIC (for education program)

9. Education Source (for education program)


Search Examples:

Consumer preferences and xxxxx  — (e.g. Restaurants; Travel industry)  

Consumer behavior and xxxxx -- (e.g. industry code ) 

Consumer behavior and xxxxx --(e.g. 445110-Grocery)

Market Segmentation and xxxxx -- (e.g. cruise industry or Restaurants)