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BUAD 478: Field Projects in Marketing

Researching the Issues and Problems

For General Research (consumer behavior, advertising plans, Marketing strategy, target market or market niche, etc. see all Business/Economics databases.



1. Business Source Premier

2. Hospitality & Tourism Complete

3. ABI/Inform 

4. Business Insights: Global

5. Euromonitor Passport

6. Nexis Uni 

7. Communication & Mass Media Complete

8. ERIC (for education program)

9. Education Source (for education program)

Search Examples

(Using Business Source Premier database)

Market segmentation and xxxxx (e.g. 722511 – Full-Service Restaurants)

Competition and xxxxx (e.g. NAICS for   SHOPPING malls) 

Marketing Strategy and xxxxx (e.g. grocery   or NUTRITION education)

Marketing strategy and xxxxx ( e.g. 445110-Grocery; 722511 – Full-Service Restaurants) 

Target marketing and xxxxx    -- (e.g. plumbing industry; or Restaurants)

Pricing and xxxxx   --(e.g. Restaurants)

Swot analysis and xxxxx -- (e.g. industry code - 722511 – Full-Service Restaurants) 

“College or university” and (café or Restaurants)

College students and (café or Restaurants)

Branding and ( e.g. industry name or NAICS)

Brand image and (e.g. industry name or NAICS) 

“Locally sourced or organic”   and xxxxxx ( e.g. 722511)