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BUAD 478: Field Projects in Marketing

The Importance of Citing the sources

It is important to provide correct citation to the sources used in preparing a document. Citations provides readers the information they may need review the source of the information utilized in the document. Providing proper attributions to original authors helps in maintaining academic honesty.

Verify from the instructor what citation style to use such as: APA style (the social sciences); MLA style (languages and literature) and Chicago & Turabian Style (used in history and many other disciplines).


Citation Tools

Citation Guide:

This guide provides details on how to prepare your citations. It covers all citation formats

Citation management Tools 

There are many citation management software that can be used to store, organize, and format citations for papers and generate bibliographies in all styles including APA, MLA and others. The UD Library has a subscription to the RefWorks, but the library has staff to help with using most of the other citation managers.