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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Books for Chemical Engineering are located in the TP call number area on the lower level of the Morris Library.  By following the alpha-numeric system of the Library of Congress Classification scheme (see outline), books on similar subjects are kept together on the shelves. The following list can help guide you to different topics.

TP1-1185 Chemical Technology

Selected subclasses

TP155-199  Chemical Engineering. Laboratories. TP200-248  Chemicals: Manufacture, use etc TP248.13-248.65  Biotechnology TP315-360  Fuel TP368-456  Food processing and manufacture
TP500-660  Fermentation industries. Beverages. Alcohol TP670-699  Oils, fats, and waxes TP785-869  Clay industries. Ceramics. Glass TP1080-1185  Polymers and polymer manufacture  

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