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Geological Sciences: Geophysics

Gravity Measurements

Estimated Value of Magnetic Declination.  - total magnetic intensity of the terrestrial field.   To compute the magnetic declination, enter the location and date of interest.  NOAA - National Geophysical Data Center.

Compute magnetic field values - (NOAA - National Geophysical Data Center) On-line calculators to estimate current and past values of the magnetic field.

Compute Historic Declination - (NOAA - National Geophysical Data Center)

Geophysics Information Resources

National Geophysical Data Center - digital collection of geophysical data and observations of the solid earth, oceans and and Sun-Earth system, includeing Earth observations from space

Space Weather - news and Information about what's happening on the Sun and in space, such as sunspots, auroras and meteor showers, that could affect the Earth

USGS National Geomagnetism Program - information on observations and variations in the Earth's magnetic field

GRACE - Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment - information on NASA Earth Observatory program to map Earth's gravity field

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