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Geological Sciences

Research in Geology

This guide provides access to  resources  on a variety of topics related to Geology.  It is intended to help you use the University of Delaware Library and its services, find a book, locate a journal or article, select and use the appropriate databases, and find useful sites on the Internet.  The tabs across the top of the page will help you navigate the guide.

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The Library welcomes suggestions for books, journals, videos and other material. Please use the Recommendation for Purchase form to send your suggestions.


Geo Data Portal: Translating Climate Data for Geographic Analysis:

The Greatest Natural Disaster in Ohio History: The Flood of 1913:

The Anatomy of Floods: The Causes and Development of 2011’s Epic Flood Events:

Sea-level Rise Scenario for San Francisco Bay Estuary - Corte Madera Marsh:

Return of the Gentle Giants: Huron-Erie Corridor Fish Habitat Restoration:

US Topo:

Elevation [National Elevation Dataset ]: