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Film Finders: Award-Winning Films

35th Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2019


Best Feature

Clemency, DVD 22178

The Farewell, eVideo; DVD 21251; HDDVD 778 

A Hidden Life, DVD 21995; HDDVD 859

Marriage Story 

Uncut Gems, DVD 22054; HDDVD 874


Best Director

Robert Eggers, The Lighthouse; DVD 21781; HDDVD 813

Alma Har'el, Honey Boy

Julius Onah, Luce; DVD 21419

Benny Safdie & Joshua Safdie, Uncut Gems; DVD 22054;


Lorene Scafaria, Hustlers; DVD 21628HDDVD 806



Best Male Lead

Chris Galust, Give Me Liberty; DVD 21776

Kelvin Harrison Jr., Luce; DVD 21419

Robert Pattinson, The Lighthouse; DVD 21781; HDDVD 813

Adam Sandler, Uncut Gems; DVD 22054; HDDVD 874

Matthias Schoenaerts, The Mustang; DVD 20968




Best Female Lead

Karen Allen, Colewell

Hong Chau, Driveways

Elisabeth Moss, Her Smell; DVD 21216

Mary Kay Place, Diane

Alfre Woodard, Clemency; DVD 22178

Renée Zellweger, Judy; DVD 21635; HDDVD 809



Best Supporting Male

Willem Dafoe, The Lighthouse; DVD 21781; HDDVD 813

Noah Jupe, Honey Boy

Shia LaBeouf, Honey Boy

Jonathan Majors, The Last Black Man in San Francisco;

DVD 21253; HDDVD 780

Wendell Pierce, Burning Cane




Best Supporting Female

Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers; DVD 21628; HDDVD 806

Taylor Russell, Waves; DVD 21963

Zhao Shuzhen, The Farewell; eVideo; DVD 21251;


Lauren "Lolo" Spencer, Give Me Liberty; DVD 21776

Octavia Spencer, Luce; DVD 21419




Best First Feature

Booksmart, DVD 21248; HDDVD 751

The Climb


The Last Black Man in San Francisco, DVD 21253;


The Mustang, DVD 20968

See You Yesterday

Best Screenplay

Clemency, DVD 22178

High Flying Bird

Marriage Story

To Dust, DVD 21086

Uncut Gems, DVD 22054; HDDVD 874


Best Documentary Feature

American Factory

Apollo 11, DVD 21014; HDDVD 665

For Sama, DVD 21654

Honeyland, DVD 21752

Island of the Hungry Ghosts, eVideo



Best International Film

The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão (Brazil)

Les Misérables (France)

Parasite (South Korea), DVD 21978; HDDVD 839

Retablo (Peru), DVD 21728

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (France)

The Souvenir (United Kingdom), DVD 21290

34th Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2018

Eighth Grade movie posterFirst Reformed movie posterIf Beale Street Could Talk movie posterLeave No Trace DVD coverYou Were Never Really Here movie poster




Best Feature

Eighth Grade, eVideoDVD 19971HDDVD 614

First Reformed, DVD 19849

If Beale Street Could Talk, eVideoDVD 20371HDDVD 613

Leave No Trace, eVideoDVD 19978

You Were Never Really Here, DVD 19689




Best Director

Debra Granik, Leave No Trace; eVideoDVD 19978

Barry Jenkins, If Beale Street Could Talk; eVideo

DVD 20371HDDVD 613

Tamara Jenkins, Private Life

Lynne Ramsay, You Were Never Really Here; DVD 19689

Paul Schrader, First Reformed; DVD 19849

Best Male Lead

John Cho, Searching; DVD 20242

Daveed Diggs, Blindspotting; DVD 19968

Ethan Hawke, First Reformed; DVD 19849

Christian Malheiros, Sócrates

Joaquin Phoenix, You Were Never Really Here; DVD 19689


Best Female Lead

Glenn Close, The Wife; eVideoDVD 20061

Toni Collette, Hereditary; DVD 19929

Elsie Fisher, Eighth Grade; eVideoDVD 19971HDDVD 614

Regina Hall, Support the Girls; DVD 20196

Helena Howard, Madeline's Madeline; DVD 20037HDDVD 628

Carey Mulligan, Wildlife; DVD 22256


Best Supporting Male

Raúl Castillo, We the Animals; DVD 20137

Adam Driver, BlacKkKlansman; eVideoDVD 20034


Richard E. Grant, Can You Ever Forgive Me?; DVD 20356


Josh Howard, Eighth Grade; eVideoDVD 19971HDDVD 614

John David Washington, Monsters and Men; DVD 20308

Best Supporting Female

Kayli Carter, Private Life

Tyne Daly, A Bread Factory; DVD 21665

Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk; eVideo DVD 20371

HDDVD 613 

Thomasin McKenzie, Leave No Trace; eVideoDVD 19978

J. Smith-Cameron, Nancy; DVD 20237


Best First Feature

Hereditary, DVD 19929

Sorry to Bother You, eVideo; DVD 19991

The Tale, DVD 20278

We the Animals, DVD 20137

Wildlife, DVD 22256


Best Screenplay

Can You Ever Forgive Me?, DVD 20356HDDVD 615

Colette, DVD 20220

First Reformed, DVD 19849

Private Life

Sorry to Bother You, eVideo; DVD 19991


Best Documentary Feature

Hale County This Morning, This Evening, eVideo; DVD 20556

Minding the Gap

Of Fathers and Sons

On Her Shoulders, eVideoDVD 20864


Won't You Be My Neighbor?, eVideoDVD 19993

Best International Film

Burning (South Korea), DVD 20663HDDVD 633

The Favourite (United Kingdom), DVD 20335HDDVD 617

Happy as Lazzaro (Italy)

Roma (Mexico), DVD 21808HDDVD 842

Shoplifters (Japan), DVD 20534

33rd Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2017

Call Me By Your Name movie posterThe Florida Project movie posterGet Out movie posterLady Bird movie posterThe Rider movie poster

Best Feature

Call Me by Your Name, eVideoDVD 19553HDDVD 559

The Florida Project, eVideoDVD 19523

Get Out, eVideoDVD 18780HDDVD 522

Lady Bird, eVideoDVD 19548HDDVD 560

The Rider, eVideoDVD 19878



Best Director

Sean Baker, The Florida Project; eVideoDVD 19523

Jonas Carpignano, A Ciambra; DVD 20664

Luca Guadagnino, Call Me by Your Name; eVideoDVD 19553;

 HDDVD 559

Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie, Good Time; DVD 19423

Jordan Peele, Get Out; eVideoDVD 18780HDDVD 522

Chloé Zhao, The Rider; eVideo; DVD 19878


Best Male Lead

Timothée Chalamet, Call Me by Your Name; eVideo;

DVD 19553HDDVD 559

Harris Dickinson, Beach Rats; DVD 19421

James Franco, The Disaster Artist; eVideoDVD 19557

Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out; eVideoDVD 18780HDDVD 522

Robert Pattinson, Good Time; DVD 19423



Best Female Lead

Salma Hayek, Beatriz at Dinner; DVD 18992

Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside 

Ebbing Missouri; DVD 19539HDDVD 554

Margot Robbie, I, Tonya; DVD 19520

Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird; eVideoDVD 19548HDDVD 560

Shinobu Terajima, Oh Lucy!, DVD 19913

Regina Williams, Life and Nothing More



Best Supporting Male

Nnamdi Asomugha, Crown Heights; DVD 19586

Armie Hammer, Call Me by Your Name; eVideoDVD 19553;


Barry Keoghan, The Killing of a Sacred Deer; DVD 19495

Sam Rockwell, Three Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri;

DVD 19539HDDVD 554

Ben Safdie, Good Time; DVD 19423

Best Supporting Female

Holly Hunter, The Big Sick; eVideoDVD 19020HDDVD 534

Allison Janney, I, Tonya; DVD 19520

Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird; eVideoDVD 19548HDDVD 560

Lois Smith, Marjorie Prime; DVD 19489

Taliah Lennice Webster, Good Time; DVD 19423


Best First Feature

Columbus, DVD 19847

Ingrid Goes West, DVD 19405

Menashe, eVideoHDDVD 632

Oh Lucy!, DVD 19913

Patti Cake$, DVD 19524



Best Screenplay

Beatriz at Dinner, DVD 18992

Get Out, eVideoDVD 18780HDDVD 522

Lady Bird, eVideoDVD 19548HDDVD 560

The Lovers, DVD 19074

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; DVD 19539;



Best Documentary Feature

The Departure, DVD 19349

Faces Places = Visages Villages, DVD 19521

Last Men in Aleppo, eVideo; DVD 19310

Motherland, DVD 19587

Quest, DVD 19588


Best International Film

BPM (Beats Per Minute) (France), DVD 19585

A Fantastic Woman (Chile), HDDVD 593

I Am Not a Witch (United Kingdom), DVD 20669

Lady Macbeth (United Kingdom), DVD 19473

Loveless (Russia), eVideoHDDVD 594

32nd Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2016

American Honey movie posterChronic movie posterJackie movie posterManchester by the Sea movie posterMoonlight movie poster


Best Feature

American Honey, eVideoDVD 18311

Chronic, DVD 18581

Jackie, DVD 18569

Manchester by the Sea, DVD 18517HDDVD 481

Moonlight, eVideoDVD 18538HDDVD 483


Best Director

Andrea Arnold, American Honey; eVideo; DVD 18311

Barry Jenkins, Moonlight; eVideoDVD 18538;


Pablo Larraín, Jackie; DVD 18569

Jeff Nichols, Loving; eVideoDVD 18493

Kelly Reichardt, Certain Women; DVD 19013


Best Male Lead

Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea; DVD 18517


David Harwood, Free In Deed; DVD 19536

Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic; eVideoDVD 18345

Jesse Plemons, Other People; DVD 18583

Tim Roth, Chronic; DVD 18561

Best Female Lead

Annette Bening, 20th Century Women; DVD 18667

Isabelle Huppert, Elle; eVideo; DVD 18608

Sasha Lane, American Honey; eVideoDVD 18311

Ruth Negga, Loving; eVideoDVD 18493

Natalie Portman, Jackie; DVD 18569


Best Supporting Male

Ralph Fiennes, A Bigger Splash; DVD 18298

Ben Foster, Hell or High Water; eVideo; DVD 18265

Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea; DVD 18517;


Shia LaBeouf, American Honey; eVideo; DVD 18311

Craig Robinson, Morris from America; DVD 18525

Best Supporting Female

Edwina Findley, Free In Deed; DVD 19536

Paulina Garcia, Little Men; DVD 18320

Lily Gladstone, Certain Women; DVD 19013

Riley Keough, American Honey; eVideoDVD 18311

Molly Shannon, Other People; DVD 18583


Best First Feature

The Childhood of a Leader, DVD 18399

The Fits, DVD 18005

Other People, DVD 18583

Swiss Army Man, DVD 18008

The Witch, eVideoDVD 17530


Best Screenplay

20th Century Women, DVD 18667

Hell or High Water, eVideo; DVD 18265

Little Men, DVD 18320

Manchester by the Sea, DVD 18517HDDVD 481

Moonlight, eVideoDVD 18538HDDVD 483


Best Documentary Feature


Cameraperson, DVD 18478

I Am Not Your Negro, DVD 18748

O. J.: Made in America, DVD 17963

Sonita, DVD 19390

Under the Sun, eVideoDVD 18497


Best International Film

Aquarius (Brazil), DVD 19554

Chevalier (Greece), DVD 19555

My Golden Days (France), DVD 17726

Toni Erdmann (Germany/Romania), eVideoDVD 18752

Under the Shadow (Iran/United Kingdom), DVD 18708

31st Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2015

Anomalisa movie posterBeasts of No Nation Netflix posterCarol movie posterSpotlight movie posterTangerine movie poster



Best Feature

Anomalisa, DVD 17563

Beasts of No Nation

Carol, eVideoDVD 17283HDDVD 444

Spotlight, DVD 17243HDDVD 441

Tangerine, eVideo; DVD 16948


Best Director

Sean Baker, Tangerine; eVideo; DVD 16948

Todd Haynes, Carol; eVideoDVD 17283HDDVD 444

Charlie Kaufman & Duke Johnson, Anomalisa; DVD 17563

Tom McCarthy, Spotlight; DVD 17243HDDVD 441

David Robert Mitchell, It Follows; eVideoDVD 16417


Best Male Lead

Christopher Abbott, James White; DVD 17296

Abraham Attah, Beasts of No Nation

Ben Mendelsohn, Mississippi Grind; DVD 16970

Jason Segel, The End of the Tour; DVD 16875

Koudous Seihon, Mediterranea; DVD 17309


Best Female Lead

Cate Blanchett, Carol; eVideoDVD 17283HDDVD 444

Brie Larson, Room; eVideo; DVD 17290HDDVD 446

Rooney Mara, Carol; eVideoDVD 17283HDDVD 444

Bel Powley, The Diary of a Teenage Girl; eVideo; DVD 17321

Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Tangerine; eVideo; DVD 16948



Best Supporting Male

Kevin Corrigan, Results; DVD 17345

Paul Dano, Love & Mercy; DVD 16673

Idris Elba, Beasts of No Nation

Richard Jenkins, Bone Tomahawk; DVD 17057

Michael Shannon, 99 Homes; DVD 17322



Best Supporting Female

Robin Bartlett, H.

Marin Ireland, Glass Chin; DVD 16413

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Anomalisa; DVD 17563

Cynthia Nixon, James White; DVD 17296

Mya Taylor, Tangerine; eVideo; DVD 16948



Best First Feature

The Diary of a Teenage Girl, eVideoDVD 17321

James White, DVD 17296

Manos Sucias

Mediterranea, DVD 17309

Songs My Brothers Taught Me, DVD 17754



Best Screenplay

Anomalisa, DVD 17563

Bone Tomahawk, DVD 17057

Carol, eVideoDVD 17283HDDVD 444

The End of the Tour, DVD 16875

Spotlight, DVD 17243HDDVD 441




Best Documentary Feature


Best of Enemies, DVD 16887

Heart of a Dog, DVD 18237

The Look of Silence, eVideoDVD 17121

Meru, DVD 17031

The Russian Woodpecker, DVD 17753



Best International Film

Embrace of the Serpent (Colombia), DVD 17613

Girlhood (France), DVD 17310

Mustang (France/Turkey), DVD 17503

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (Sweden)

Son of Saul=Saul fia (Hungary), eVideoDVD 17524

30th Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2014


Birdman movie posterBoyhood movie posterLove is Strange movie posterSelma movie posterWhiplash movie poster













Best Feature

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), 

DVD 15492HDDVD 401

Boyhood, DVD 15297HDDVD 369

Love Is Strange, eVideo; DVD 15395

Selma, eVideoDVD 15948HDDVD 404

Whiplash, DVD 15571HDDVD 384

Best Director

Damien Chazelle, Whiplash; DVD 15571HDDVD 384

Ava DuVernay, Selma; eVideoDVD 15948HDDVD 404

Alejandro González Iñárritu, Birdman or (The

Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance); DVD 15492HDDVD 401

Richard Linklater, Boyhood; DVD 15297HDDVD 369

David Zellner, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter; HDDVD 415

Best Male Lead

André Benjamin, Jimi: All Is by My Side; DVD 15621

Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler; DVD 15493HDDVD 380

Michael Keaton, Birdman or (The Unexpected

Virtue of Ignorance); DVD 15492HDDVD 401

John Lithgow, Love Is Strange; eVideoDVD 15395

David Oyelowo, Selma; eVideoDVD 15948HDDVD 404


Best Female Lead

Marion Cotillard, The Immigrant; DVD 15910

Rinko Kikuchi, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter; HDDVD 415

Julianne Moore, Still Alice; DVD 16030HDDVD 409

Jenny Slate, Obvious Child; DVD 15049

Tilda Swinton, Only Lovers Left Alive; eVideoDVD 14695



Best Supporting Male

Riz Ahmed, Nightcrawler; DVD 15493HDDVD 380

Ethan Hawke, Boyhood; DVD 15297HDDVD 369

Alfred Molina, Love Is Strange; eVideoDVD 15395

Edward Norton, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue

of Ignorance); DVD 15492HDDVD 401

J.K. Simmons, Whiplash; DVD 15571HDDVD 384



Best Supporting Female

Patricia Arquette, Boyhood; DVD 15297HDDVD 369

Jessica Chastain, A Most Violent Year; DVD 15899

Carmen Ejogo, Selma; eVideoDVD 15948HDDVD 404

Emma Stone, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue

of Ignorance); DVD 15492HDDVD 401

Andrea Suarez Paz, Stand Clear of the Closing

Doors; eVideoDVD 17767

Best First Feature

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, DVD 15911

Dear White People, DVD 15422

Nightcrawler, DVD 15493HDDVD 380

Obvious Child, DVD 15049

She's Lost Control

Best Screenplay

Big Eyes, eVideoDVD 15834

A Most Violent Year, DVD 15899

Nightcrawler, DVD 15493HDDVD 380

Only Lovers Left Alive, eVideoDVD 14695HDDVD 338

Love Is Strange, eVideoDVD 15395

Best Documentary Feature

20,000 Days on Earth, DVD 16003

Citizenfour, eVideoDVD 16559HDDVD 421

Stray Dog, eVideoDVD 18338

The Salt of the Earth, eVideoHDDVD 423




Best International Film

Force Majeure (Sweden), DVD 15710HDDVD 393

Ida (Poland), eVideoDVD 15086HDDVD 398

Leviathan (Russia), eVideoDVD 16029

Mommy (Canada), DVD 15986

Norte, the End of History (Philippines), DVD 15367

Under the Skin (United Kingdom), eVideoDVD 14938;


29th Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2013

All is Lost movie posterDallas Buyers Club movie posterFruitvale Station movie posterShort Term 12 movie posterBlue Jasmine movie posterThe Spectacular Now movie poster


Best Feature

12 Years a Slave, DVD 14170HDDVD 300

All Is Lost, DVD 14122

Frances Ha, HDDVD 283

Inside Llewyn Davis, DVD 14224

Nebraska, eVideoDVD 14363


Best Director

Shane Carruth, Upstream Color; DVD 13263

J.C. Chandor, All Is Lost; DVD 14122

Steve McQueen,12 Years a Slave; DVD 14170HDDVD 300

Jeff Nichols, Mud; DVD 13310

Alexander Payne, Nebraska; eVideoDVD 14363



Best Male Lead

Bruce Dern, Nebraska; eVideoDVD 14363

Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave; DVD 14170


Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis; DVD 14224

Michael B. Jordan, Fruitvale Station; eVideoDVD 14008

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club; eVideo

DVD 14124HDDVD 312

Robert Redford, All Is Lost; DVD 14122

Best Female Lead

Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine; DVD 14043

Julie Delpy, eVideo; Before Midnight; DVD 13868; 


Gaby Hoffmann, Crystal Fairy; DVD 15798

Brie Larson, Short Term 12; eVideo; DVD 14053

Shailene Woodley, The Spectacular Now; DVD 14030



Best Supporting Male

Michael Fassbender, 12 Years a Slave; DVD 14170;


Will Forte, Nebraska; eVideoDVD 14363

James Gandolfini, Enough Said; DVD 14031

Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club; eVideoDVD 14124


Keith Stanfield, Short Term 12; eVideoDVD 14053

Best Supporting Female

Melonie Diaz, Fruitvale Station; eVideoDVD 14008

Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine; DVD 14043

Lupita Nyong'o, 12 Years a Slave; DVD 14170HDDVD 300

Yolonda Ross, Go for Sisters; DVD 15915

June Squibb, Nebraska; eVideoDVD 14363



Best First Feature

Blue Caprice, DVD 15816

Concussion, eVideo; DVD 15278

Fruitvale Station, eVideoDVD 14008

Una Noche, DVD 14223

Wadjda, eVideo



Best Screenplay

12 Years a Slave, DVD 14170HDDVD 300

Blue Jasmine, DVD 14043

Before Midnight, eVideoDVD 13868HDDVD 486

Enough Said, DVD 14031

The Spectacular Now, DVD 14030



Best Documentary Feature

20 Feet from Stardom, eVideoDVD 14141

The Act of Killing, eVideoDVD 13976

After Tiller, eVideoDVD 14649

Gideon's Army, eVideoDVD 20251

The Square, DVD 17016



Best Foreign Film

Blue Is the Warmest Colour (France), DVD 14976

Gloria (Chile), DVD 15746

The Great Beauty (Italy), DVD 14356HDDVD 347

The Hunt (Denmark), eVideoDVD 13960

A Touch of Sin (China), DVD 15290

28th Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2012

Silver Linings Playbook movie poster The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie posterThe Sessions movie posterAmour movie posterThe Invisible War movie poster

Best Feature

Beasts of the Southern Wild, HDDVD 193

Bernie, DVD 12553

Keep the Lights On, eVideoDVD 12670

Moonrise Kingdom, eVideoDVD 12230HDDVD 183

Silver Linings Playbook, eVideoDVD 12995HDDVD 233


Best Director

Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom; eVideoDVD 12230;


Julia Loktev, The Loneliest Planet; DVD 14501

David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook; eVideo

DVD 12995HDDVD 233

Ira Sachs, Keep the Lights On; eVideoDVD 12670

Benh Zeitlin, Beasts of the Southern Wild; HDDVD 193


Best Male Lead

Jack Black, Bernie; DVD 12553

Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook; eVideoDVD 12995


John Hawkes, The Sessions; DVD 12762

Thure Lindhardt, Keep the Lights On; eVideoDVD 12670

Matthew McConaughey, Killer Joe; DVD 12666

Wendell Pierce, Four; DVD 14987

Best Female Lead

Linda Cardellini, Return; DVD 14379

Emayatzy Corinealdi, Middle of Nowhere; DVD 15734

Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook; eVideo

DVD 12995HDDVD 233

Quvenzhané Wallis, Beasts of the Southern Wild; HDDVD 193

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Smashed; eVideoHDDVD 239


Best Supporting Male

Matthew McConaughey, Magic Mike; DVD 12278

David Oyelowo, Middle of Nowhere; DVD 15734

Michael Peña, End of Watch; DVD 12664

Sam Rockwell, Seven Psychopaths; DVD 12692

Bruce Willis, Moonrise Kingdom; eVideoDVD 12230HDDVD 183


Best Supporting Female

Rosemarie DeWitt, Your Sister's Sister; DVD 12518

Ann Dowd, Compliance; DVD 12639

Helen Hunt, The Sessions; DVD 12762

Brit Marling, Sound of My Voice; DVD 12339

Lorraine Toussaint, Middle of Nowhere; DVD 15734


Best First Feature

Fill the Void, eVideoDVD 14565

Gimme the Loot, DVD 14558

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, eVideoDVD 12752HDDVD 377

Safety Not Guaranteed, DVD 12491

Sound of My Voice, DVD 12339


Best Screenplay

Keep the Lights On, eVideoDVD 12670

Moonrise Kingdom, eVideoDVD 12230HDDVD 183

Ruby Sparks, DVD 12492

Seven Psychopaths, DVD 12692

Silver Linings Playbook, eVideoDVD 12995HDDVD 233

Best Documentary Feature

The Central Park Five, eVideoDVD 12991

How to Survive a Plague, eVideoDVD 12843

The Invisible War, eVideoDVD 11831DVD 12429

Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present; eVideoDVD 12267

The Waiting Room, eVideoDVD 13272



Best Foreign Film

Amour (Austria/France/Germany), eVideoDVD 13378

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (Turkey/Bosnia and Herzegovina), 

DVD 11780

Rust and Bone (France/Belgium), eVideoDVD 12971

Sister (France/Switzerland), DVD 14539

War Witch (Canada), DVD 14275

27th Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2011

The Artist movie posterBeginners movie posterThe Descendants movie posterA Separation movie posterThe Interrupters movie posterMy Week with Marilyn movie poster


Best Feature

The Artist, eVideoDVD 11674HDDVD 141

Beginners, eVideoDVD 10955HDDVD 84

The Descendants, DVD 11455

Drive, eVideoDVD 11227

50/50, eVideoDVD 11194

Take Shelter, eVideoDVD 11433HDDVD 108

Best Director

Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist; eVideo; DVD 11674;


Mike Mills, Beginners; eVideoDVD 10955HDDVD 84

Jeff Nichols, Take Shelter; eVideoDVD 11433HDDVD 108

Alexander Payne, The Descendants; DVD 11455

Nicolas Winding Refn, Drive; eVideoDVD 11227

Best Male Lead

Demián Bichir, A Better Life; eVideoDVD 10812

Jean Dujardin, The Artist; eVideoDVD 11674HDDVD 141

Ryan Gosling, Drive; eVideoDVD 11227

Woody Harrelson, Rampart; DVD 14566

Michael Shannon, Take Shelter, eVideo; DVD 11433HDDVD 108

Best Female Lead

Lauren Ambrose, Think of Me

Rachael Harris, Natural Selection; DVD 14587

Adepero Oduye, Pariah; eVideo; DVD 7141

Elizabeth Olsen, Martha Marcy May Marlene; DVD 11370

Michelle Williams, My Week with Marilyn; DVD 11454

Best Supporting Male

Albert Brooks, Drive; eVideoDVD 11227

John Hawkes, Martha Marcy May Marlene; DVD 11370

Christopher Plummer, Beginners; eVideoDVD 10955HDDVD 84

John C. Reilly, Cedar Rapids; DVD 10002

Corey Stoll, Midnight in Paris; DVD 11085HDDVD 117


Best Supporting Female

Jessica Chastain, Take Shelter, eVideoDVD 11433


Anjelica Huston, 50/50; eVideoDVD 11194

Janet McTeer, Albert Nobbs; eVideoDVD 11625

Harmony Santana, Gun Hill Road; DVD 14265

Shailene Woodley, The Descendants; DVD 11455


Best First Feature

Another Earth, HDDVD 98

In the Family, DVD 13220

Margin Call, eVideo; DVD 11168

Martha Marcy May Marlene, DVD 11370

Natural Selection, DVD 14587

Best Screenplay

The Artist, eVideo; DVD 11674HDDVD 141

Beginners, eVideoDVD 10955HDDVD 84

The Descendants, DVD 11455

Footnote, eVideoDVD 11930

Win Win, DVD 10331


Best Documentary Feature

An African Election, DVD 14269

Bill Cunningham New York, DVD 10519

The Interrupters, DVD 11170

The Redemption of General Butt Naked

We Were Here, DVD 14262


Best Foreign Film

The Kid with a Bike (Belgium), DVD 12844

Melancholia (Denmark), eVideoDVD 11456HDDVD 126

A Separation (Iran), DVD 11891

Shame (UK), HDDVD 131

Tyrannosaur (UK), DVD 14257

26th Independent Spirit Awards: Films Released in 2010

Black Swan movie posterThe King's Speech movie posterThe Kids Are All Right movie poster127 Hours movie posterExit Through the Gift Shop movie posterWinter's Bone movie poster




Best Feature

Black SwanDVD 9447HDDVD 47

Greenberg, DVD 7664

The Kids Are All Right, eVideoDVD 8413

127 Hours, DVD 9315HDDVD 43

Winter's Bone, eVideoDVD 8311HDDVD 74




Best Director

Darren Aronofsky, Black SwanDVD 9447HDDVD 47

Danny Boyle, 127 Hours; DVD 9315HDDVD 43

Lisa Cholodenko, The Kids Are All Right; eVideoDVD 8413

Debra Granik, Winter's Bone; eVideoDVD 8311HDDVD 74

John Cameron Mitchell, Rabbit Hole; eVideoDVD 9642


Best Male Lead

James Franco, 127 HoursDVD 9315; HDDVD 43

Ronald Bronstein, Daddy Longlegs; DVD 11256;

HDDVD 1017

Aaron Eckhart, Rabbit Hole; eVideoDVD 9642

John C. Reilly, Cyrus; DVD 8694

Ben Stiller, Greenberg; DVD 7664



Best Female Lead

Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right; eVideoDVD 8413

Greta Gerwig, Greenberg; DVD 7664

Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole; eVideoDVD 9642

Jennifer Lawrence, Winter's Bone; eVideoDVD 8311


Natalie Portman, Black SwanDVD 9447HDDVD 47

Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine; DVD 9712



Best Supporting Male

John Hawkes, Winter's Bone; eVideoDVD 8311;


Samuel L. Jackson, Mother and Child; eVideoDVD 8695

Bill Murray, Get Low; eVideoDVD 9161

John Ortiz, Jack Goes Boating; DVD 9016

Mark Ruffalo, The Kids Are All Right; eVideoDVD 8413



Best Supporting Female

Ashley Bell, The Last Exorcism; DVD 14264

Dale Dickey, Winter's Bone; eVideoDVD 8311;


Allison Janney, Life During Wartime; DVD 10279

Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jack Goes Boating; DVD 9016

Naomi Watts, Mother and Child; eVideoDVD 8695



Best First Feature

Everything Strange and New, DVD 14989

Get Low, eVideoDVD 9161

The Last Exorcism, DVD 14264

Night Catches Us, DVD 9180

Tiny Furniture, DVD 11347



Best Screenplay

The Kids Are All Right, eVideoDVD 8413

Life During Wartime, DVD 10279

Please Give, eVideo; DVD 8250

Rabbit Hole, eVideoDVD 9642

Winter's Bone, eVideoDVD 8311HDDVD 74


Best Documentary Feature

Exit Through the Gift Shop; eVideoDVD 8612

Marwencol, DVD 9024

Restrepo, DVD 8564

Sweetgrass, eVideoDVD 11495

Thunder Soul, DVD 12056



Best Foreign Film

The King's Speech (UK),  eVideoDVD 9632HDDVD 50

Kisses (Ireland), DVD 14476

Mademoiselle Chambon (France), DVD 9015

Of Gods and Men (Morocco/France), eVideoHDDVD 73

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past

Lives (Thailand), DVD 1024