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Oscar Winners-Best Cinematography



The Academy Award for Best Cinematography is awarded each year to a cinematographer for work on one particular motion picture. From 1939 to 1967, there were separate awards for color and for black-and-white cinematography. Since then, the only black-and-white film to win is Schindler's List (1993). Floyd Crosby won the award for Tabu in 1931, which was the last silent film to win in this category. Hal Mohr was the first person to win for both black-and-white and color cinematography. 

In 2009, Slumdog Millionaire became the first film to win that was primarily shot on digital video. The following year Avatar was the first nominee and winner to be shot entirely on digital video. At the 90th Academy Awards, Rachel Morrison earned a nomination for her work on Mudbound, making her the first woman ever recognized in this category. 


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2023 Winner & Nominees; Winners: 2022-1985


2023 Winner & Nominees 

Oppenheimer, DVD 22850; HDDVD 987

El Conde

Killers of the Flower Moon


Poor Things

2022-All Quiet on the Western Front, DVD 22832

2021-Dune, DVD 22122


2019-1917, eVideo; DVD 22166

2018-Roma, DVD 21808; HDDVD 842

2017-Blade Runner 2049, DVD 19255HDDVD 550

2016-La La Land, eVideoDVD 18746HDDVD 495

2015-The Revenant, DVD 17142; HDDVD 455

2014-Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of 

Ignorance, DVD 15492; HDDVD 401

2013-Gravity, DVD 14274HDDVD 310

2012-Life of Pi, DVD 12864HDDVD 218

2011-Hugo, eVideoDVD 11392HDDVD 114

2010-Inception, eVideoDVD 8484HDDVD 33

2009-Avatar, DVD 7233HDDVD 1

2008-Slumdog Millionaire, DVD 6368; HDDVD 251

2007-There Will Be Blood, eVideoDVD 11257HDDVD 80

2006-Pan’s Labyrinth, eVideoDVD 3586HDDVD 77

2005-Memoirs of a Geisha, eVideo; DVD 2480

2004-The Aviator, eVideo; DVD 16627HDDVD 115

2003-Master and Commander: The Far

Side of the World, DVD 1015

2002-Road to Perdition, eVideoDVD 642

2001-The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,

DVD 1117; HDDVD 70

2000-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, DVD 380; HDDVD 276

1999-American Beauty, eVideoDVD 245

1998-Saving Private Ryan, eVideo; DVD 2522;


1997-Titanic, eVideoDVD 2734HDDVD 175

1996-The English Patient, eVideoDVD 4637

1995-Braveheart, DVD 2129

1994-Legends of the Fall, DVD 4532

1993-Schindler’s List, DVD 901HDDVD 281

1992-A River Runs Through It, DVD 582

1991-JFK, eVideo; DVD 5058

1990-Dances with Wolves, eVideo; DVD 2797

1989-Glory, eVideoDVD 4180

1988-Mississippi Burning, eVideoDVD 2721

1987-The Last Emperor, DVD 3718; HDDVD 781

1986-The Mission, eVideoDVD 4271; HDDVD 325

1985-Out of Africa, eVideoDVD 2645

Winners: 1984-1955

Doctor Zhivago movie posterCleopatra DVD cover

1984-The Killing Fields, eVideoDVD 5084

1983-Fanny and Alexander, DVD 1466; HDDVD 709

1982-Gandhi, eVideo; DVD 3952HDDVD 249

1981-Reds, DVD 2906

1980-Tess, HDDVD 331

1979-Apocalypse Now, DVD 4116; HDDVD 51

1978-Days of Heaven, eVideo; DVD 4007; HDDVD 661

1977-Close Encounters of the Third Kind, eVideo

DVD 4431-4433

1976-Bound for Glory, DVD 3138

1975-Barry Lyndon, DVD 4289; HDDVD 835

1974-The Towering Inferno, DVD 5481

1973-Cries and Whispers, DVD 7195

1972-Cabaret, eVideoDVD 12HDDVD 327

1971-Fiddler on the Roof, eVideoDVD 14

1970-Ryan’s Daughter, DVD 15749

1969-Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, DVD 5222

1968-Romeo and Juliet, eVideoDVD 575

1967-Bonnie and Clyde, eVideo; HDDVD 533

1966-(Color) A Man for All Seasons, eVideo; DVD 17978

(B&W) Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, eVideo; DVD 52


1965-(Color) Doctor Zhivago, DVD 7330HDDVD 420

(B&W) Ship of Fools, DVD 4685

1964-(Color) My Fair Lady, eVideo; DVD 13208HDDVD 211

(B&W) Zorba the Greek

1963-(Color) Cleopatra, DVD 1300HDDVD 245

(B&W) Hud, DVD 5258

1962-(Color) Lawrence of Arabia, eVideo;

DVD 1301; HDDVD 596

(B&W) The Longest Day, DVD 3690

1961-(Color) West Side Story, eVideo; DVD 638; 


(B&W) The Hustler, DVD 5261

1960-(Color) Spartacus, eVideoDVD 4337

(B&W) Sons and Lovers

1959-(Color) Ben-Hur, eVideo; DVD 6165HDDVD 109

(B&W) The Diary of Anne Frank, DVD 6570

1958-(Color) Gigi, DVD 192

(B&W) The Defiant Ones, eVideoDVD 517

1957-The Bridge on the River Kwai, eVideo;

DVD 3187HDDVD 435

1956-(Color) Around the World in 80 Days, DVD 1201

(B&W) Somebody Up There Likes Me, DVD 5624

1955-(Color) To Catch a Thief, DVD 10363

(B&W) The Rose Tattoo, DVD 11667

Winners: 1954-1927

An American in Paris movie posterSunrise: A Song of Two Humans movie poster

1954-(Color) Three Coins in the Fountain

(B&W) On the Waterfront, eVideo;

DVD 468

1953-(Color) Shane, DVD 4585; HDDVD 259

(B&W) From Here to Eternity, eVideoDVD 5906

1952-(Color) The Quiet Man, DVD 7322

(B&W) The Bad and the Beautiful, DVD 1184

1951-(Color) An American in Paris, eVideoDVD 138


(B&W) A Place in the Sun, eVideoDVD 9540

1950-(Color) King Solomon’s Mines

(B&W) The Third Man, DVD 1317

1949-(Color) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, DVD 9590

(B&W) Battleground

1948-(Color) Joan of Arc, DVD 1018

(B&W) The Naked City, DVD 581

1947-(Color) Black Narcissus, DVD 7876

(B&W) Great Expectations, DVD 2485

1946-(Color) The Yearling, DVD 13769

(B&W) Anna and the King of Siam

1945-(Color) Leave Her to Heaven, DVD 4283;


(B&W) The Picture of Dorian Gray, DVD 5293

1944-(Color) Wilson

(B&W) Laura, DVD 10337

1943-(Color) Phantom of the Opera, DVD 13829

(B&W) The Song of Bernadette, DVD 7387

1942-(Color) The Black Swan

(B&W) Mrs. Miniver, DVD 2775

1941-(Color) Blood and Sand, DVD 14402

(B&W) How Green Was My Valley, DVD 796DVD 5504

1940-(Color) Thief of Bagdad, DVD 5008

(B&W) Rebecca, eVideo; DVD 2394; HDDVD 553

1939-(Color) Gone with the Wind, eVideoDVD 190


(B&W) Wuthering Heights, DVD 63      

1938-(Color) Sweethearts

(B&W) The Great Waltz

1937-(Color) A Star is Born, DVD 68

(B&W) The Good Earth, DVD 7297

1936-(Color) The Garden of Allah, DVD 15785

(B&W) Anthony Adverse, DVD 16846

1935-A Midsummer Night’s Dream, eVideoDVD 7916

1934-Cleopatra, DVD 15604

1933/32-A Farewell to Arms, DVD 4012

1932/31-Shanghai Express, eVideoDVD 14873

1931/30-Tabu: A Story of the South Seas, VHS 2873

1930/29-With Byrd at the South Pole, DVD 212

1929/28-White Shadows in the South Seas

1928/27-Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, DVD 797