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Book Review Sources

Book reviews are not a substitute for the in-depth analysis and interpretation to be found in literary criticism, but they can help you decide whether or not to read and/or purchase a book. Some questions to consider when choosing sources for book reviews:

  • When was the book published?
  • Do you need a full-text review from an online source?
  • What kind of book is it? Is it a popular novel, non-fiction, or a work of literature?

Finding Reviews in Other Databases

When searching for book reviews in a general database, try combining the book's title in quotation marks with the phrase "book review." Separate the two phrases with the keyword connector AND.

"remains of the day" AND "book review"

Some databases offer users the option of limiting their searches by Document Type. Look for the option to limit to book reviews on the Advanced Search page of the database if it is not listed on the initial search page.