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UDSpace: UDelaware's Institutional Repository

Policies and information for the University of Delaware's institutional repository, UDSpace

UDSpace: University of Delaware's Institutional Repository

About UDSpace

UDSpace ( is a service of the UD LIbrary, Museums and Press that provides long-term access to a wide range of UD-related digital content.

UDSpace is intended to meet your needs as a researcher, and to evolve over time as research environments and contexts change.

If you are interested in depositing material in UDSpace, please read through this guide in order to learn how to get started.

What you get when you deposit your work in UDSpace

Visibility and discoverability

When you deposit work in UDSpace, it becomes findable via the Google Scholar search engine (as well as in Google). Researchers all over the world, as well as members of the public, are able to find, read, and cite your work, without getting bogged down by paywalls, or having to register.

Persistent links

UDSpace uses Persistent URLs (PURLs) to provide reliable access to your work over time, even as software systems change. PURLs help your readers avoid running into dead or otherwise incorrect links to your work. The URLs for content deposited in UDSpace will not change, so you can share them freely. If you publish articles in journals, you may be familiar with DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) provided by publishers -- a DOI is a type of persistent URL.