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What are Technical Reports?

Technical report from the Forest Service (USDA). Available in PDF format.

The term "technical report" refers to the research reports written as part of government funded research on a variety of subjects. The term is not limited to research of a scientific or technical nature. Most federal government funded research is performed by universities, nonprofit organizations and industries under contract to government agencies. NTIS (National Technical Information Service) is the primary agency responsible for the distribution of technical information. Some technical reports are distributed by the Government Printing Office.

The collection at the Morris Library is very strong in technical reports from: Environmental Protection Agency (SuDocs call number EP), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (SuDocs call number NAS), and Department of Energy. Technical reports issued from 1994 to present will be included in the University of Delaware Library catalog, DELCAT Discovery, if they were received as a part of the federal depository collection.

Resources to Find Technical Reports