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Special Collections: African American Studies Research Guide

Print Resources

Finding resources in the Lincoln Collection

Books, pamphlets, journals, and other imprints in the Lincoln Collection can be searched in DELCAT, the Library’s online catalog. For best results, limit searches to Special Collections and "Lincoln Collection" (or other suggested collections below) with additional search terms for African American history as suggested in Finding Resources in Special Collections.

  1. Use  the "Advanced Search" option in Delcat
  2. Enter one of the named Lincoln Collections in the "Author" field (see below)
  3. Add relevant subject terms or keywords
  4. Scroll down to "Held by Library" and limit search results to Special Collections

Suggested Collection "author" searches:

  • Lincoln Collection
  • Lincoln Club of Delaware
  • Otto C. Rentner Lincoln and Civil War Collection
  • Richard H. Stewart Abraham Lincoln Collection
  • William W. Swayze (KW=keyword search)

Books and printed material

The Lincoln Collection contains many resources and materials specifically dealing with 19th-century African American life and history, emancipation, Black Civil War soldiers and military service, and slavery. This list is just a sampling of titles; please explore DELCAT and see Exhibitions for additional suggestions relating to African Americans and President Lincoln within the Lincoln Collection.