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Open Access

This page contains information on publishing in open access journals. Information includes: how to find open access journals, how to know if a journal is open access, where to store and share data openly.

Publishing in Open Access Journals

About Open Access Publishing

Open access publishing eliminates or reduces typical barriers to access of information. When a work is published open access, the public is able to access its content without a subscription. This means that people can access and use open access published works regardless of their location or academic affiliation.


Types of Open Access Publishing

  Gold Open Access Green Open Access
Access Final published version freely available online for anyone to access Submitted, accepted manuscript, or final published version can be made freely available online for anyone to access, usually after an embargo or other conditions
Embargoes Freely available immediately Typically there are embargo periods before becoming openly available
Use Typically less strict licensing restrictions which can increase access, dissemination, and re-use Varying licensing options which allows authors more control over the material
Fees Authors, or their institution or funder, pay an Article Processing Charge There is no fee for authors, the subscribers pay to access the material

Hybrid journals are essentially subscription journals, but hybrid journals do give authors open access options for individual articles. These articles typically require the payment of an article processing charge prior to publication in order to publish the article open access.

Publishing Openly

Use this flowchart to help evaluate if you will be able to publish openly in the journal of your choosing:

A decision tree about choosing an open access journal to publish in. If you have trouble reading this image, please contact the guide owner for help.

"Open Access journal options flowchart" by Open Access Australasia is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Journal Openess

Open and Closed Access

SPARC in association with PLOS and the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) has created this HowOpenIsIt? Open Access Guide to standardize open access terms which makes it easier to understand to what degree journal policies are open or closed:

A chart showing varying degrees of open or closed journal features. If you have trouble reading this image, please contact the guide owner for help.

Storing and Sharing Data Openly