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Chemistry and Biochemistry: Spectra

Common Acronyms

EI-MS: Electron Impact Mass Spectrum

ESR: Electron Spin Resonance

FT-IR: Fourier Transform Infrared spectrum

IR: Infrared spectroscopy

MS: Mass Spectrometry

NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

UV/Vis: Ultraviolet/Visible spectrocopy


Online Resources

Spectra Information in Chemistry Databases

  • SciFinder - References and/or spectra images of NMR, IR, Raman, MS, UV/VIS may be included in the "Experimental Properties" portion of the CAS Registry record for the substance
  • Reaxys - References to literature reports of NMR, IR, MS, Raman, UV/VIS and other spectral data are often included in the compound record

Spectral Data Collections

About Spectra

The Basics of NMR by Joseph P. Hornak, Professor of Chemistry and Imaging Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology

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