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Chemistry and Biochemistry: Books & Journals

Recent Book Arrivals

Graphene Science Handbook: Size Dependent Properties

A major reference work on the topic of graphene, one of the most researched materials of the twenty-first century. This volume in the set focuses on size-dependent properties.

Graphene Science Handbook: Nanostructure and Atomic Arrangement

A major reference work on the topic of graphene, one of the most researched materials of the twenty-first century.  This volume in the set focuses on nanostructure and atomic arrangement.

A Well-Ordered Thing

Dmitrii Mendeleev (1834-1907) is a name we recognize, but perhaps only as the creator of the periodic table of elements. Generally, little else has been known about him. A Well-Ordered Thing is an authoritative biography of Mendeleev that draws a multifaceted portrait of his life for the first time. 

Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics

The third edition of this standard textbook spans the full range from fundamentals of kinetics and heterogeneous catalysis via modern experimental and theoretical results of model studies right up to their equivalent large-scale industrial production processes.

African American Women Chemists in the Modern Era

Biographies of chemists from 1965 to the present, focusing on the lives of eighteen African-American women who are working now as chemists or chemical engineers and have benefited from the Civil Rights Act.

Browsing in the Stacks

Books for Chemistry are assigned QD call numbers. Most of the books are in the Chemistry library, others are at the Morris Library (second floor).  By following the alpha-numeric system of the Library of Congress Classification scheme (see outline), books on similar subjects are kept together on the shelves. The following list can help guide you to different topics.‚Äč

QD1-999 Chemistry

Selected subclasses

QD1-65  General, including alchemy. QD71-142  Analytical chemistry QD146-197  Inorganic chemistry QD241-441  Organic chemistry QD415-436  Biochemistry
QD450-801  Physical and theoretical chemistry QD625-655  Radiation chemistry QD701-731  Photochemistry QD901-999  Crystallography  

See also

QH345 General biochemistry of plants and animals QK861+  Plant biochemistry QP501+  Animal biochemistry QP(901)+  Experimental pharmacology
QR148 Microbiological chemistry RM301.25+ Research. Experimental pharmacology. Drug development. TP Chemical technology.   


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Deciphering journal citations

Resources to find the full title of an abbreviated journal title. 

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