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Science of Synthesis 4.21 - New content and updates! (July 2021

New content includes the complete reference work Free Radicals: Fundamentals and Applications in Organic Synthesis, edited by Louis Fensterbank and Cyril Ollivier, both renowned radical chemists based at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Radical chemistry is undergoing a renaissance, both in the selective generation of organic radicals and in their use in organic synthetic reactions. This presents these key developments, reviewed by some of the most well-known names in the field, in a readily accessible and practical fashion.

Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates (highlights)

  • A revised chapter on the synthesis of germylenes (N. Takeda) and updates on arylstannanes (J. Vrána and A. Růžička) and α-boryl carbonyl compounds (A. Trofimova, M. Sirvinskas, and A. K. Yudin), including MIDA boronates.
  • A new chapter on azaborines (borazines) (G. H. M. Davies and S. R. Wisniewski), as well as an update on the synthesis of thiopyrylium salts (M. Wang and X. Jiang).
  • New chapters on 1,2-diimines (R. Isovitsch) and 1,3-diimines, also known as β-diketimines (K. Chand, Umesh, D.P. Dorairaj, and S. C. N. Hsu), both of which are important ligands for transition-metal complexes.
  • A new chapter on piperazines (Z.-S. Ye), saturated cyclic diamines that occur widely in natural products and pharmaceuticals.
  • An update on cyclobutanes (Y. Xiong, R. Guo, and G. Z. Zhang), with a focus on transition-metal catalyzed and photochemical approaches to these strained carbocyclic species.

SOS 4.21 - Software/User Interface

Article Sharing: You can now easily share links to Science of Synthesis articles by e-mail, on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn using the button located at the top right-hand side of each page.

For more information read the release announcement (pdf).

For the very latest in publications, consult the Science of Synthesis Knowledge Updates site.

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