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information about how to search for books related to education

Finding Books

Where are the education books?

Books in the Library are grouped together by subject.  Education books are located on the third floor of the library within the L section.  Here is how the L section of the Library is divided. 

L - General
LA - History of Education
LB - Theory and practice of education

  • LB1025-1050.75 (Principles of teaching);
  • LB1050.9-1091 (Educational psychology);
  • LB1101-1602 (Early childhood through elementary ed.);      
  • LB1603-1696 (Secondary ed.);
  • LB1705-2286 (Teacher ed.);
  • LB2300-2430 (Higher ed.);
  • LB2801-3095 (School administration and organization)

LC - Special aspects of education

  • LC8-59 (Forms of educ.);
  • LC65-245 (Social aspects of educ.);
  • LC251-951 (Moral and religious educ.);
  • LC980-1099 (Types of educ.);
  • LC1390-5160 (Education of special classes of persons)

LD-LG - Individual institutions

  • LD (US) ; LE (Americas other than US);
  • LF (Europe);
  • LG (Africa, Asia, Australia + Pacific Islands)

LH - College & school publications
LJ - Student fraternities & organizations (US)
LT - Textbooks

Education is closely connected to other disciplines including psychology (BF309-499 Cognition and Learning), child development (HQ 768-799), and law (KF4100-4260).  Remember that you will often find relevant materials in different areas of the collection.  

Finding Education-Related Books

How Do I Search for a Book on an Education-Related Topic?

You can go into the stacks and browse through the L section, but because the library's collection is so large, it is almost always more efficient to search for books (or eBooks) using the library website.