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Material Culture

Research in Material Culture

Material culture scholars study the history and philosophy of people and their things." This includes such things as chairs, tools, and other artifacts of daily life as well as music, visual and plastic arts, architecture, drama, dance, and writing.

Use this guide to explore resources available in the Library, on campus, and on the web for research in material culture.

Visitors / Public Borrower Information

We welcome visitors and members of the public to come to Morris Library to utilize our resources! Simply show a form of ID at the Security Desk when you first walk into the library. From there, you can use the public computers located on the first floor to access electronic resources or retrieve material from our stacks. 

If you would like to be able to check out books, you need to sign up for a Public Borrowers card. This allows you to checkout physical books, but does not give you remote access to our electronic resources. 

Please note: Some items in our collection do not live in Morris Library, but are rather stored at our Annex location. Plan ahead if you need to view material from offsite as it might take a day to deliver. We only send books from the Annex Monday- Friday. To recall an item from Annex, fill out this form. 

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