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Finding Books - Psychology

Books related to the field of psychology are found in the Social Sciences, Sciences, and the Humanities.  The call number range for Neuroscience and Psychiatry (RC) is such an example and is housed on the lower level of the library.  The largest collections of psychology books are grouped together on the third floor of the library in the BF call number range. 

Finding Books - Neuroscience and Psychiatry

These additional psychology call numbers are found on the lower level of the library.

RC321-571 Neurosciences. Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry

RC346-429 Neurology. Diseases of the nervous system
Including speech disorders

RC435-571 Psychiatry

RC475-489 Therapeutics. Psychotherapy

RC490-499 Hypnotism and hypnosis. Suggestion therapy

RC500-510 Psychoanalysis

RC512-569.5 Psychopathology

RC512-528 Psychoses

RC530-552 Neuroses

RC554-569.5 Personality disorders. Behavior problems
Including sexual problems, drug abuse,
suicide, child abuse

RC569.7-571 Mental retardation. Developmental disabilities